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Tried and Tested: Boot Camp in stunning Seychelles

Author: Theodore Koumelis / Date: Mon, 09/13/2021 - 04:02

An annual event, the Slim Fit Club boot camp is a “high-end” affair and amazing destinations are chosen to challenge the participants.

A group of fitness enthusiasts from Russia found the perfect tropical adventure in a recent Seychelles boot camp escapade.

Luxury Boot Camp – Actually a Thing!

An annual event, the Slim Fit Club boot camp is a “high-end” affair and amazing destinations are chosen to challenge the participants.

The selected location must be able to offer adequate opportunities for sports and adventure activities, discoveries of the local culture and history, and a suitable landscape to challenge the physical fitness of the participants. Seychelles was selected not only for its natural beauty but most importantly, its exclusivity.

Given the luxury treatment from the get-go, the Russian carrier Aeroflot provided two check-in counters for the participants upon departure from the Sheremetyevo Airport as well as extra and baggage allowances, branded gifts and complimentary internet onboard.

While in the destination, sought the services of local partners, including 7º South and Creole Travel Services, which offered their best services and collaboration to ensure a successful event.

Exploring Physical Limits

The aim of the boot camp is to push one’s limit, one of the main events on the calendar of the Slim Fit Club ladies was hiking to the peaks of Morne Blanc and Dans Gallas, two activities that put their fitness level to the test while enjoying two spectacular trails on the main island of Mahé. Surrounded by nature, Polina Kitsenko and her Slim Fit crew braved the steep hills and high humidity, making it to the top with very little trouble, rewarded by breath-taking vistas at the journey’s end.

During their ten days on the island, the visitors from Russia took part in adventurous activities such as zip-lining and rock climbing at Constance Ephelia Resort on the north-western coast of Mahé.

On the days that they did not venture outside the hotel, the program was no less gruelling, participants were kept busy with several individual and group activities. These included sports training sessions three times a day.

Unwinding Creole Style

It was not all work for the Slim Fit Club adepts who made the most of an exceptional catamaran cruise in the Sainte Anne Marine Park which included a visit and tour of Moyenne Island, the world’s smallest national park bequeathed to the people of Seychelles by former journalist and modern-day Robinson Crusoe, Brendon Grimshaw, and a traditional Creole barbeque on the beach.

Held in one of the residences of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles (full name of the hotel and location), the girls were treated to a Creole party under the theme ‘Moonlight in Paradise’ to round off a very successful boot camp. Pirates being synonymous to Seychelles, this elusive part of the island’s history was celebrated through a mixology class in partnership with local liquor manufacturers Takamaka Rum under the theme ‘In Search of Treasures’.

Social Media and More

Creating beautiful and high-quality content, highlighting the diversity of the destination, its nature, flora and fauna, beaches, activities on offer and much more, Ms. Kitsenko, an ardent and popular influencer, professionally highlighted the daily happenings to her plethora of high-end clients across Russia on her social media platforms.

The other participants also posted and shared stories of their achievements from Seychelles, showcasing the islands of the Indian Ocean archipelago as a green and fun destination.


Theodore Koumelis

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