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Tianjin's Jianbing Guozi social media campaign goes global

Author: Theodore Koumelis / Date: Fri, 10/12/2018 - 14:22

To further enhance the popularity and influence, and promote Tianjin to the world, Tianjin Tourism Bureau will continuously make new attempts to seize the trends of overseas media to promote Tianjin and its unique charm and culture.

TIANJIN, China - Starting on September 10th, the "Jianbing Guozi #JBGZZ" Global Short Video Collection Contest initiated by Tianjin Tourism Bureau has been held on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The event promoted through the social media platforms is expected to explore new DIY practices of Jianbing Guozi, and to provide chances for global fans to become familiar with the unique Tianjin cuisine - delicious and unique Jianbing Guozi.

As a special cuisine of Tianjin, Jianbing Guozi is a common street food. Now it can be found in shops worldwide, as it has won the favor of many overseas fans. As an important cuisine from Tianjin, Jianbing Guozi is key for Tianjin Tourism Bureau to promote its specialties and tourism.

The short videos are adopted as the main form of expression. Tianjin Tourism Bureau released the series of Jianbing Guozi videos and broadcasted over social platforms to attract fans' participation and interaction. The volume of the event quickly increased with a large number of "onlookers" that helped establish Tianjin as a gourmet capital.

Two publicity cycles are planed during the event from pre-event to official activities. The pre-event video introduced various types of Jianbing Guozi to explain Jianbing Guozi to overseas viewers; the official activity was filmed using a production process and creative editing. At the same time, "PUNCH" Tianjin creative food attractions were recorded nearby. The live online broadcast was carried out during the event to realize real-time communication with fans and to enhance the popularity of the activity.

This event was convenient for users to search with the hashtag #JBGZZ across multiple platforms. Communication volume and integrations with the hashtag led to more than 2 million exposures and more than 140,000 viewes.

To further enhance the popularity and influence, and promote Tianjin to the world, Tianjin Tourism Bureau will continuously make new attempts to seize the trends of overseas media to promote Tianjin and its unique charm and culture.





Theodore Koumelis

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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