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Trip Navigator aims for 66% revenue growth in 2024

Trip Navigator
Abhishek Gupta, Co-Founder of Trip Navigator Private Ltd.

Trip Navigator targets 66% revenue growth in 2024, leveraging India’s domestic tourism boost and expanding global MICE offerings.

NEW DELHI, INDIA – Trip Navigator, an integrated Corporate Travel Solutions & Event Company, is aiming to achieve a 66% revenue increase in the upcoming year. Building on its remarkable success in 2023, which saw a revenue increase of INR 60 crore, the company now sets its sights on further growth. Aligning with the Government of India’s initiatives to boost domestic tourism and expand international offerings, Trip Navigator unveils its strategic plans for 2024, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and excellence in the travel sector.

In the realm of MICE tourism, especially in corporate outings within India, there’s a noticeable trend towards integrating local culture and heritage into itineraries. Tapping into the prevailing trend, Trip Navigator appreciates the value of authentic experiences, hence, they focus on partnering with luxury properties in off-beat locations like Lakshadweep and the North East, aiming to enhance the appeal of these destinations. Additionally, the company actively promotes cruise tourism, acknowledging its increasing popularity among corporations for incentive trips and recreational activities. Through these initiatives, the corporate travel firm aims to utilize its expertise and network to create exceptional experiences for corporate clients and further promote domestic tourism.

Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Co-Founder of Trip Navigator Private Ltd., said, “Looking ahead to 2024, Trip Navigator is driven by a dual mission: to elevate domestic tourism and expand global MICE destinations. Our focus is twofold: showcasing India’s rich cultural heritage and exploring emerging international locales. We’re dedicated to crafting immersive experiences in offbeat Indian destinations, aligning with government initiatives. Simultaneously, we’re eyeing vibrant international markets to offer our clients unparalleled corporate experiences. As we journey forward, Trip Navigator remains committed to innovation and excellence, both at home and abroad.

Furthermore, the global MICE industry’s exponential growth underscores the vast potential for innovation and expansion. Valued at $805.0 billion in 2017 and estimated to reach $1,337.4 billion by 2028, the sector presents a myriad of opportunities for companies like Trip Navigator to capitalize on emerging trends and market demands. The travel aggregator is primed to seize these opportunities and has observed increased interest in unique destinations such as Sri Lanka and Central Asian countries like Tashkent, Almaty, Georgia, and Baku. Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, has emerged as a strong market, with successful events already hosted in the first quarter of the year. With its extensive network and expertise, Trip Navigator leads innovation within the sector, both domestically and internationally.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, Trip Navigator aims to identify new and unexplored destinations, both within India and abroad, to provide its clients with innovative and memorable offsites, Rewards and Recognition (R&R) activities, and dealer meets. The company’s goal for 2024 is to achieve steady growth, driven by strategic planning and a dedication to service excellence.

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