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Omnichat rolls out customer journey automation: Meta, Sa Sa and Vita Green join to share WhatsApp Marketing

Omnichat launches Social CDP to collect customer identities from various social media platforms and map them to a unique profile. Sa Sa achieved a 39-fold increase in coupon redemption rates compared to the general rate through WhatsApp & Omnichat.

HONG KONG SAR – Omnichat, a one-stop omnichannel messaging integration platform that offers conversational commerce solutions, recently hosted an offline event, “Future Commerce Summit cum New Product Launch“. Leading global social media giant Meta and several prominent retail brands, including beauty product retailing group Sa Sa and health supplements group Vita Green were invited to explore the recent retail trends in 2023 along with WhatsApp Marketing to foster conversions and sales while delivering a first-class customer experience.

As the WhatsApp Business Solution Provider of Meta, Omnichat also announced the launch of its latest social commerce solutions comprising Automated Customer Journey, Social Customer Data Platform (Social CDP), In-Chat Payment, in tandem with “Omni AI”, its latest integration with ChatGPT. The features are designed to empower retail business driving efficient customer service and better engagements with customers, thus improving sales conversion rate from online and offline.

Meta endures to build technologies that help people connect. Adam Bowden, Partner Lead, GCR & Global Partners of Meta, stated that 70% of consumers worldwide utilise instant messaging software to communicate with businesses. This finding indicates that customers expect more interactive and genuine communications with businesses beyond the “hard information” presented on their websites. “Meta has provided WhatsApp Business Platform to businesses, enhancing the relationship between merchants and customers as well as encouraging consumption. With monthly active users reaching 2.5 billion, WhatsApp has a global presence in 180 countries,” Adam said.

According to the survey conducted by Meta & Forrester Consulting, 88% of surveyed businesses said that WhatsApp has brought in more revenue. Claudia Chiu, Senior Strategic Partner Manager, Greater China Region of Meta, noted that the WhatsApp has empowered businesses to establish a complete shopping journey. “WhatsApp Business Platform can tailor-made different messages to customers based on their characteristics or scenarios, such as new customers, repeated customers, and potential customers. Businesses can also include different response buttons and product catalogs in WhatsApp messages.”

Sa Sa proactively integrates its offline and online businesses to deliver a customer-centric omni-channel shopping experience. Hong Li, Director of eCommerce of Sa Sa, mentioned that using Chatbot auto-reply feature of Chat Commerce has significantly reduced the response time of customer service, enabling the team to solve the problems of other customers, thereby increasing sales conversion rates. “During the last Lunar New Year and 3.8 International Women’s Day, we delivered game messages and exclusive coupons to customers via WhatsApp and Omnichat’s Chat Commerce platform. Through this way, not only the customer engagement rates can be increased but also a 39-fold increase in coupon redemption rates compared to the general rate,” Hong added.

Vita Green has been continuously increasing member engagement and digital marketing automation capabilities through technology advancement. Terrence Siu, Head of IT of Vita Green, shared that their iconic brands, Vita Green and Tea Château have been utilizing WhatsApp to precisely send customised marketing and promotional messages to their loyal members. Through Omnichat, salespersons can also be bound to their respective customers for providing one-on-one services, including product recommendations and customer enquiries. “Thanks to WhatsApp and Omnichat’s platform, our team is equipped with a new communication channel for member engagement which has boosted our sales and enhanced the overall customer experience,” Terrence said.

Across WhatsApp Business Platform, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, Omnichat empowers brands to deliver seamless online and offline communications for customers. Alan Chan, Founder and CEO of Omnichat, remarked, “Our merchants can use Social CDP to collect customer identities from various social media platforms and map them to a unique profile, building a more comprehensive customer database. Together with the automated customer journey solutions, customised marketing messages can be automatically sent out in accordance with different shopping scenarios, say when customers purchase specific amounts or designated products, or even target specific tiers of members. We expect the function will empower merchants to achieve over 20% revenue growth. With the integration of ChatGPT, we further optimize the handling of customers’ enquiry, product recommendations as well marketing campaign planning. The In-Chat Payment function is also available for merchants to send payment links and deliver a seamless Chat-and-Buy customer shopping experience.”

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