Latest News unveils Singapore family travel trends for the year
Survey unveils Singapore family travel trends for the year


Singapore families prioritize value-for-money, quality time, and new experiences when traveling. Destinations like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Germany are trending, influenced by affordability and popular media.

This year amongst Singapore families, according the’s 2024 top family travel trends and destinations’s 2024 top family travel trends and destinations travel decisions are being shaped by a wide range of interests and behaviours that are altering the traditional way of travelling with loved ones:

  • Comfort is a top priority with 83% of families citing air conditioning as the most important amenity when booking a place to stay.
  • Two-thirds (64%) of families are planning to use AI tools as part of their travel planning in 2024, showing a desire to adopt new practices to streamline their trip**. Families in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand can now use the AI Trip Planner, found directly on the mobile app, to start their trip planning process.
  • One in two (50%) families say they are inspired to travel to try food seen on a show or movie, highlighting the influence of popular media on travel choices.
  • Travel nannies may start becoming a trend this summer with 28% of families saying they would likely allocate travel budget to having someone care for their child or children on a trip.
Top Travel Motivators for Singapore families

1. Good value-for-money destinations or activities (55%)

2. Spending quality time abroad (54%)

3. Discovering new places (40%)

Singapore families are looking to maximise their travel experiences while keeping their wallets in check. Over half (55%) of family travellers take into consideration value-for-money choices as their number one priority when planning their travels, reflecting a shift towards a prudent itinerary where travellers are increasingly on the lookout for affordable yet memorable trips.

Nonetheless, Singapore families are on the hunt for destinations and activities that allow them to create meaningful connections with their families, with spending quality time (54%) as a strong motivator for travel. For two in five (40%) travellers this could mean discovering new horizons with novel experiences playing a central role in their travel decisions. Whether it’s trekking off the beaten path or uncovering hidden gems, families are embracing the thrill of exploration with open arms.

Trending Destinations for Singapore families

With value for money experiences topping the list of motivators for Singapore families’ travel plans, flight search data for this year underscores the enduring appeal of perennial favourites closer to home. Asian countries dominate the list of flight search interest, with Indonesia (+37%), Malaysia (+86%) and Thailand (+32%)* ranked as top destinations. The biggest jump was observed by Germany, with close to a twofold (+164%)* increase.

Trending destinations for Singapore families (based on flight searches)*
1. Indonesia (+37%) 6. Japan (+59%)
2. Malaysia (+86%) 7. Philippines  (-42%)
3. Thailand (+32%) 8. Switzerland  (+58%)
4. Australia (+12%) 9. Vietnam  (-20%)
5. Germany (+164%) 10. USA  (+13%)


Even as families seek out cost-effective options, there’s a spark of wanderlust amongst Singapore travellers to venture to more exotic locales. According to’s research, families are showcasing a willingness to embark on trips further afield this year with a staggering 71% increase in families looking to travel to Europe, with particular interest in Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands.

The emergence of culturally diverse destinations the likes of Rio de Janeiro, Jeju Island and Auckland have secured coveted positions on their travel radars, reflecting a growing appreciation for adventure beyond the familiar.

Trending destinations for Singapore families (based on accommodation searches)
1. Kuah, Malaysia 6. Beijing, China
2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 7. Auckland, New Zealand
3. Los Angeles, USA 8. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
4. Jeju, South Korea 9. Bandung, Indonesia
5. Shanghai, China 10. Barcelona, Spain

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