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Thai Vietjet hosted the 'Sky Career Fair', attracting over 500 aviation professionals with plans to reach 61% flight increase from

From October 2023, Thai Vietjet will operate a total of 204 flights weekly to/from Phuket International Airport.

The carrier has been awarded for its continuous efforts in environmental protection and sustainable tourism under the ‘Fly Green Fund’.

Thai Vietjet has put an enormous effort to improve its service operation to maximize customer satisfaction, including the self-handling for

The flight is operated by Thai Vietjet, with Airbus A320 aircraft every Sunday.

Thai Vietjet hosts the winners and organisers of Miss Grand Thailand 2023, continuing a fruitful partnership since 2018. Flying from

The campaign stems from the airline's environmental fund, the 'Fly Green Fund,' which was established in early 2021 in collaboration

The premium lounge service at the Coral Executive Lounge includes food and refreshments, snacks and beverages, Wi-Fi service, flight information

The Sky ConX offers a wide ranges of Thai Vietjet’s Thailand domestic and international connections, with a convenient and easy

Passengers may book their tickets conveniently at least three hours prior to departure time and are eligible to change their