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TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference

The 2024 TFWA Asia Pacific conference drew a record-breaking crowd and facilitated strong industry connections.

Singapore hosts the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference, attracting major retailers and brands for a week of innovation and

TFWA's Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in Singapore features top industry minds, tech insights, and exclusive workshops.

With 200 exhibitors and a floor space of 8,469m2, the exhibition was also a quantifiable success. 61 of these companies

Juul-Mortensen said that while travel in Asia Pacific is behind other regions, the lifting of restrictions in China has set

The TFWA Asia Pacific Lounge held in partnership with Qatar Duty Free will welcome delegates on Level 4 of the

Landlords Malaysia Airport Group, Incheon Airport, Delhi International Airport, GMR Hyderabad International Airport, Narita International Airport, Fraport Ag/Frankfurt Airport Corporates,

The TFWA Asia Pacific Conference, taking place from 09:00 to 13:00 on Monday 8th May, will feature a number of

The TFWA Asia Pacific Conference is officially hosted by the Changi Airport Group and is organised in partnership with the