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Japan National Tourism Organization

Japan National Tourism Organization exhibited at Tourista Expo 2024 in Kuwait, showcasing Japan's tourist attractions and fostering travel interest.

Susumu Matsumoto arrives in New York to lead JNTO, succeeding Michiaki Yamada, and promoting U.S.-Japan tourism during a key year.

For the second consecutive month, Japan records over 3 million visitors, with a 56.1% increase from April 2023, highlighting its

2023 marked a significant year for American tourists in Japan, with a strong interest in the country's rich art scene

JNTO's unique influencer campaign in Japan aims to attract GCC nationals, highlighting diverse cultural experiences and natural landscapes.

Japan's tourism sees record-breaking US visitors in 2023, gearing up for "U.S.-Japan Tourism Year 2024" for mutual cultural exchanges.

Discussion topics included strategies for developing satellite destinations, infrastructure planning, and policy formulation to mitigate the negative impacts of overcrowding

Japan National Tourism Organization announces resurgence in tourism, with GCC countries leading the way. June 2023 marked a promising rebound

Services to Okinawa and Osaka resume in time for year-end holiday period. Jetstar Asia will be the only airline to

Tokyo's Haneda Airport expands its leisure and business facilities with the new Haneda Airport Garden, while Kansai International Airport has