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Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

CAAS and IATA collaborate to create a global Sustainable Aviation Fuel Registry, launching in 2025, to track and report emissions

Singapore's CAAS initiates renewable diesel trials at Changi Airport to reduce carbon emissions in airside operations.

IIAC, JAA TO, and SAA sign MoU to enhance global aviation training standards, introducing the A7 Global Safety Certificate Programme.

At the 63rd IFATCA Conference in Singapore, Senior Minister Dr. Amy Khor highlighted initiatives to bolster ATC safety culture amid

CAAS and IATA partner on initiatives for sustainability, air traffic management, safety, and training to advance aviation in the region.

Singapore and Saudi Arabia enhance aviation ties with a MOU and ASA upgrade, fostering hub-to-hub collaboration and growth.

Singapore's new Sustainable Air Hub Blueprint sets ambitious targets for aviation decarbonization, emphasizing sustainable growth and competitiveness.

CAAS unveils plans to upgrade SAA, focusing on advanced training for aviation professionals and supporting global and Singapore's aviation growth.

Embraer and CAE inaugurate APAC's first E-Jets E2 simulator in Singapore, enhancing pilot training with CAE's latest technologies and contributing

ICAO and Member States commit to a global vision to reduce CO2 emissions in aviation by 5% by 2030, embracing