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Hilton celebrates its 600th Greater China hotel opening with Hilton Nanjing Niushoushan, highlighting its strategic growth and diverse brand presence

Linyi announces the opening of Langya Ancient City, aiming to establish a new cultural tourism landmark through innovative public-private partnerships

Harbin, China's "ice city," experiences a tourism surge, spotlighting the rich cultures of local ethnic minorities alongside its famed winter

Around 1,000 tourists are stranded in Hemu village, Xinjiang, due to severe avalanches, with snow reaching up to seven meters.

China introduces relaxed visa policies to boost foreign business, education, and tourism, enhancing accessibility and simplifying entry procedures.

Hiseas International Gmbh and Chengdu Tourism Studies Association join ECTAA, enhancing China-Europe tourism connectivity and promoting cultural and economic exchanges

WTM Africa collaborates with China Travel Online for 2024, aiming to boost China-Africa tourism and facilitate industry recovery.

The Maldives anticipates a 40% increase in Chinese tourists in 2023, aiming to return to pre-pandemic levels through new bilateral

In 2024, China's booming outbound tourism market is set to surpass 264 million arrivals, significantly impacting global travel with a

Harbin's winter tourism thrives, attracting global businesses and tourists to its ice and snow festival and cultural offerings.