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Thailand is the best country in the world for wellness retreats

Research has revealed the best countries for wellness retreats – Thailand ranks.

Slingo have put together a list of the countries that are best for taking a wellness retreat. Using TripAdvisor, Slingo experts researched which countries have the best resort hotels, wellness and spa activities as well as the keywords in the reviews for each country. 

The top 10 best countries for a wellness retreat:

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In first place is Thailand with a total wellness retreat score of 9.5/10. It is the ideal destination for anyone in search of a wellness retreat. Often known as the spa capital of Asia, Thailand is home to some of the most therapeutic and luxurious retreats in the world. Thailand ranks in the top position on our list, with better reviews for wellness activities and resorts than any other destination we looked at.

In second place is Indonesia with a total wellness retreat score of 8.5/10. From Bali to private island retreats, Indonesia is the ideal place to start a journey of self-discovery, health and healing. Indonesia is one of our top countries for a wellness retreat, thanks to its warm weather and highly rated wellness and spa activities.

In third place is the Maldives with a total wellness retreat score of 8.5/10. The Maldives is a nirvana for lovers of travelling, adventure and wellness. Famous for its tranquil, white-sand beaches and marine life, the Maldives has something for everyone, and its wellness retreats don’t disappoint. The Maldives has the hottest average temperature out of all the countries on our list, at 27.65ºC and the highest percentage of 4-star and above wellness and spa activities.

The research also looked at countries with the highest-rated wellness activities.

Top 10 countries with the highest rated wellness activities:

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The Maldives have already placed well for good average temperatures. In terms of sheer numbers, there were 29 total spa and wellness activities. However, 88.73% of those were rated four stars and higher, which demonstrates the country’s quality when it comes to activities such as relaxing spa days and guided meditation sessions. 

Thailand in second place has a total of 2,673 wellness and spa activities available to choose from. When those are filtered to four-star ratings and higher, 73.03% of those activities remain. The top-rated activity was from Ocean Sound, offering professional yoga and pilates classes. 

Wellness and spa activities in Indonesia are likely to be heavily rooted in Asian therapeutic medicine and wellness practices. Their total number of wellness & spa activities are 2,067 with 1,482 rated 4 stars and higher reaching 71.70% of the total.

Further Insights:

The United States is a popular destination for standard holidays. With 390 resort hotels across the states, 389 of those are four stars and higher, which equals 99.74%.

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