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Taiwan’s exciting incentive scheme: A win-win for independent travelers and the local economy


Discover Taiwan’s enticing incentive scheme for independent travelers, offering shopping vouchers and support for local businesses. It’s the perfect time to explore Taiwan’s rich culture and breathtaking landscapes.

In an effort to encourage foreign tourists to visit the enchanting island of Taiwan, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has launched an exciting new incentive scheme. Kicking off in May, the initiative offers fabulous rewards for independent travelers, while also providing support to local businesses. This is the perfect time to explore Taiwan’s diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and mouthwatering cuisine. Read on to discover more about the incentives and how you can benefit from them during your trip.

Win Shopping Vouchers Worth NTD5,000

Independent travelers now have an even more enticing reason to visit Taiwan. Upon arrival at one of four designated airports—Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei Songshan Airport, Taichung International Airport, or Kaohsiung International Airport—foreign tourists will have the opportunity to win one of 500,000 shopping vouchers valued at NTD5,000 each. Participating in the lucky draw is a fun and easy way to make your trip to Taiwan even more rewarding.

Tour Agencies and Group Travelers Benefit Too

The incentive scheme doesn’t stop with individual travelers; tour agencies can also benefit from organizing or receiving tour groups that spend at least two nights in Taiwan. Depending on the number of tourists in a group and their length of stay, agencies can receive up to NTD50,000. This is an excellent opportunity for tour operators to expand their offerings and promote Taiwan as a must-visit destination.

Supporting the Local Hospitality Industry

In addition to benefiting tourists and tour agencies, the incentive scheme aims to help local hotels and private accommodation providers by offering NTD5,000 per month for each new employee they hire. This support will assist in addressing labor shortage issues, ensuring that Taiwan’s hospitality industry can continue to provide exceptional service to visitors.

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