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Sarawak reveals eight key focus areas to boost Business Events

The Tribal Gathering is a celebration of the rise and recovery of the business events industry with a new direction and set of strategies that are expected to boost Sarawak’s destination appeal.

MIRI, SARAWAK – Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) took centre stage in Miri with the first industry gathering event of the year to reveal strategies and tactics for business events in 2022.

The Tribal Gathering is a celebration of the rise and recovery of the business events industry with a new direction and set of strategies that are expected to boost Sarawak’s destination appeal. Eight focus areas were identified and designed to accelerate economic recovery, enhance brand awareness, improve local industry standards and provide additional support to business events organisers.

Eight key focus areas were announced, being destination branding & marketing, destination development, business development, capacity building, data development & digitalisation, stakeholder collaboration, financial support and good governance.

At the heart of BESarawak’s strategy is legacy impact, the collective term for the long term benefits that are hauled in by business events to drive social, sectoral, economic, environmental and political developments. To facilitate the strategy, BESarawak aims for more legacy-driven business events which include improving the local and national advocacy of legacy impact. Legacy impact has been defined as the scheme of things in pursuit of economic prosperity, social inclusivity and environmental sustainability aligned with the Sarawak Government’s Post Covid-19 Development Strategy.

BESarawak’s strategic planning is the conclusion of several key discussions with stakeholders. Sarawak’s Deputy Minister of Tourism, Datuk Sebastian Ting, stated that “the strategic planning combines the aspirations of the local business events and tourism sector, the national agenda for economic impact, the aspirations of BESarawak’s board members and BESarawak’s vision and mission for higher purpose events that bring both economic and legacy impact for Sarawak.

BESarawak has formulated several activities for each of Sarawak’s business events cities. Miri will be the host for a number of industry events such as familiarisation trips and workshops to promote the city to organisers and secure new leads. Ongoing efforts will be made to develop more corporate social responsibility programmes that can be adopted by future organisers.

In 2022, BESarawak will aim to secure at least RM93.7 million in total economic impact for Miri with the support of local industry partners. Approximately RM50 million is expected from delegate expenses and RM5.6 million from tax revenue. Job-wise, at least 7,345 long and short-term job opportunities will be generated for the local community.

Statewide strategies for the two business events segments — conventions & exhibitions, Corporate Meetings & Corporate Incentives — were announced by BESarawak’s CEO, Amelia Roziman. Besides legacy, the conventions & exhibitions strategies focused on Sarawak’s response to the pandemic, nurturing homegrown events and strengthening relationships between industry partners and organisers.

Under the Corporate Meetings & Corporate Incentives segment, BESarawak is applying the Blueprint to promote Sarawak as an incentive travel destination. “Sarawak is fast becoming an incentive-ready destination,” stated Amelia. “Ongoing research and development on the organisation’s wants, needs and expectations are enabling us to explore new and imaginative ways to create experiences for the right audience. This includes developing new business events products and packages, and revamping existing ones.”

Tribal Gathering also revealed plans to organise roadshows and networking events around Malaysia and bridge the engagement gaps with various local and national stakeholders. Plans are also underway to collaborate with international agencies to raise awareness on Sarawak as a business events destination. Meanwhile, activities to develop the local industry are also amplified under BESarawak’s education platform, TriBE Digital Campus.

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