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Beijing promotes local tourism in St. Petersburg

"Follow the Silk Road to Discover the New Beijing" is a promotion event held by Beijing Tourism Commission in St. Petersburg, Russia, in order to promote Beijing's deep historical and cultural background to the world.

On July 12 morning local time, Beijing Tourism Commission held a promotion event and Beijing Tourism Photo Exhibition in Russia’s beautiful northern city of St. Petersburg with the theme of “Follow the Silk Road to discover the new Beijing“.
This event was attended by Deputy Director of Beijing Tourism Commission Cao Pengcheng, officials with St. Petersburg tourism authorities, head of Sino-Russia Tourism Promotion Committee and Deputy Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in St. Petersburg, Zhang Shuyou. About one hundred people including St. Petersburg local travel agents and CCTV, Xinhua and other related media participated in the promotional activities.
Cao pointed out that as the capital of China, Beijing is a tourist destination longed for across the world. Beijing is both one ancient capital with over thousands of years of history and one open and inclusive cosmopolitan city. Cao welcomed more Russian friends to Beijing to experience the city’s international style, ancient charm, oriental presence and fashionable feel.
St. Petersburg tourism officials and Zhang Shuyou echoed Cao’s remarks and pointed out that China’s capital Beijing boasts deep historical and cultural background, ever-changing urban landscape, unique tourism resources, and hospitable local people and they are willing to play greater roles in deepening tourism exchanges and cooperation between the two places.
During the promotional activities, Beijing Tourism Commission introduced rich local tourism resources while Hainan Airlines and other tourism enterprises introduced related tourism products. The peak of the activities reached when participants tried their luck at free hotels in Beijing sponsored by CYTS and free flight tickets to St. Petersburg offered by Hainan Airlines. Then Cao and other guests together launched the Beijing Tourism Photo Exhibition, which showcases the historical, cultural, modern and fashionable sides of Beijing. The 60 selected photos display Beijing’s unique tourism resources, beautiful city scenery and local people’s lives, attracting visitors to appreciate with interest.
Photo caption: Beijing, China

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