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Tourism Roadshow

Vietnam Tourism Roadshow held in St. Petersburg, Russia

Vietnam Tourism Roadshow St. St. Petersburg
Overview of the event (Photo: Organising Board)

Vietnam’s tourism authorities organized a successful roadshow in St. Petersburg, promoting cultural ties and tourism cooperation with Russia.

After the vibrant Vietnam Tourism Roadshow in Moscow, Vietnam National Authority of Tourism (VNAT), the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MOCST) organised the Vietnam Tourism Road in St. Petersburg, Russia on 5th July. This is the event in the framework of Vietnamese Cultural Days 2024 in Russia.

Attending the Roadshow was Ms Gvichia Nana Margushevna, acting Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Tourism, St. Petersburg, guests, tourism, travel and aviation businesses, and Russian press and media agencies.

Vietnam tourism always open to welcoming Russian tourists

Giving his opening remarks, VNAT’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Le Phuc declared, in recent years, the good traditional friendly cooperation between Vietnam and the Russian Federation has been developing in many fields, including tourism. The Russian Federation is one of the leading source markets for the number of tourists to Vietnam.

Vietnam is a peaceful, stable country with a growing economy in the trend of innovation, deeper and broader integration in the region and internationally, and is an attractive tourist destination with the richness and diversity of ecosystems of seas, islands, rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, caves and many landscapes. Vietnam has a favourable trade location by sea, river, rail, road and air.

Vietnam’s cultural tradition is rich in identity and enriched by the unique festivals and folk cultural activities of the community of 54 ethnic groups. These are extremely important factors that create the unique appeal of Vietnam tourism, so many tourists from all over the world increasingly want to come to Vietnam to explore and experience.

VNAT’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Le Phuc hopes that the promotion activities of Vietnam tourism in recent times and the Vietnam Tourism Roadshow in Russia will be a good opportunity for Russian friends to understand more about the country, people, culture and tourism of Vietnam.

Speaking at the event, Ms. Gvichia Nana Margushevna, acting Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Tourism, St. Petersburg, affirmed, St. Petersburg sees tourism cooperation with Vietnam as one of top priorities, especially in the context of the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on the Basic Principles of Friendly Relations between Vietnam and the Russian Federation.

Ms. Gvichia Nana Margushevna informed that in 2023, the total number of tourists from Vietnam to St. Petersburg reached 2.92 thousand visitor arrivals, an increase of nearly 3 times compared to 2022.

Ms. Gvichia Nana Margushevna hopes that the Vietnam Tourism Roadshow in Russia will contribute to deepening the comprehensive strategic partnership, is a step forward to promote increased cooperation between the two countries, creating favourable conditions to increase the number of tourists, promoting tourism products, programmes, and resorts.

Strengthen links between management agencies, businesses and people-to-people exchanges to promote tourism in the two countries

MOCST’s Minister Nguyen Van Hung welcomed delegates and the business community attended the Vietnam Tourism Roadshow in St. Petersburg, Russia with the hope that tourism in the two countries will develop stronger in the near future.

According to MOCST’s Minister Nguyen Van Hung, for tourism to develop, it must rely on three pillars: the state, businesses and people. If one of those three elements is missing, tourism cannot develop. In particular, the state plays a constructive role, in proposing policies to promote tourism development.

Businesses play the role of creating quality tourism products, and connecting destinations. In particular, travel businesses must know how to link destinations to form a value chain. At the same time, businesses must also improve the quality of services for tourists. People or tourists are the deciding factor in the success of tourism.

At the Roadshow, representatives of the VNAT introduce the practical situation, the potentials and advantages of Vietnam tourism. With the advantage of climate, natural conditions, rich, diverse and unique tourism resources; With convenient entry procedures, and visas, Vietnam is considered one of the attractive destinations attracting Russian tourists.

Delegates also participated in the lucky draw program with attractive gifts and enjoyed a performance programme promoting Vietnam’s unique traditional culture and arts by artists from the Vietnam National Academy of Music and the Vietnam Contemporary Arts Theater.

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