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Promoting Vietnamese tourism in Italy: Strengthening bilateral ties

Vietnamese tourism in Italy

The Vietnam National Authority of Tourism (VNAT) hosted a roadshow in Milan on June 27, 2024, marking a significant step in enhancing Vietnam-Italy tourism cooperation.

Continuing its robust promotional efforts in Europe, the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism (VNAT) organized a highly anticipated Vietnam Tourism roadshow in Milan on June 27, 2024. This event represents a pivotal moment for Vietnam-Italy tourism collaboration, presenting numerous opportunities for industry professionals from both countries to forge stronger partnerships and exchange valuable insights.

Enhancing Vietnam-Italy Tourism Cooperation

VNAT’s Chairman Nguyen Trung Khanh highlighted the longstanding diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Italy, established on March 23, 1973. These relations have flourished over the past five decades, evolving into a special partnership with significant potential for mutual growth, especially in tourism. Italy has been a crucial source market for Vietnamese tourism, supported by initiatives like the Vietnam-Italy Tourism Cooperation Agreement and visa exemptions for Italian citizens since 2015.

Revitalizing Tourism Post-Pandemic

With the resumption of tourism activities post-pandemic, both countries are keen on rejuvenating their tourism sectors. The roadshow in Milan provided an excellent platform for Vietnamese and Italian tourism companies to share updates, explore business cooperation, and set the stage for future growth. Ambassador Duong Hai Hung emphasized Italy’s importance as Vietnam’s third-largest trade market in Europe and underscored the significance of cultural and people-to-people exchanges in strengthening bilateral relations.

Interactive Exchange and Cultural Performances

The event featured engaging discussions on Vietnam’s diverse tourism products and services, showcasing the country’s beauty, hospitality, and unique attractions. Delegates praised Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage and enjoyed traditional performances by artists from the Vietnam Song, Dance, and Music Theater Troupe. These activities underscored the cultural ties and mutual appreciation between the two nations.

Strategic Meetings and Future Initiatives

VNAT’s Chairman Nguyen Trung Khanh and Ambassador Duong Hai Hung also held strategic meetings with Italian counterparts, including Alessandra Priante, President of the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT). These discussions focused on tourism development policies and initiatives to enhance cooperation between the two countries’ tourism agencies. Additionally, B2B meetings facilitated business connections and investment opportunities, paving the way for stronger bilateral tourism ties.

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