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Macao, China Welcomes Over 450 Delegates to the PATA Annual Summit 2024

PATA Annual Summit 2024

The PATA Annual Summit 2024 gathered industry leaders to discuss reimagining tourism for a more sustainable and responsible future.

BANGKOK – The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) welcomed over 450 delegates from nearly 200 organisations across 29 destinations to the PATA Annual Summit 2024 (PAS 2024) at the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau, China.

PATA CEO Noor Ahmad Hamid said for PATA Annual Summit 2024, “On behalf of PATA, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our host, the Macao Government Tourism Office, our co-host SJM, all our partners and sponsors, and the dedicated delegates who have contributed to making the PATA Annual Summit 2024 a resounding success. Your unwavering support and collaboration have made this event truly meaningful for PATA and the broader travel and tourism community. Thank you for your commitment to advancing our shared goals.”

The three-day summit, graciously hosted by the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and co-hosted by SJM Resorts, S.A., spanned from May 15-17. Under the theme “Reimagining Tourism”, the extensive programme comprised one and half days of PATA internal meetings, a conference spanning across one and half days, the PATA Youth Symposium, and a destination experience programme including cultural workshops and destination tours. Additionally, the event showcased the Association’s latest initiatives and introduced new elements to the summit.


Macao Government Tourism Office Director, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes said, “The PATA Annual Summit was a great success, gathering delegates from across the Asia Pacific and beyond to Reimagining Tourism and continue to work together to build a vibrant yet responsible development of the tourism industry in the region. Macao was very pleased to welcome another PATA flagship event after several years, and to have the opportunity to showcase participants an update and firsthand experience on how we are reimagining tourism in our city, towards more diversification, as we develop into a world center of tourism and leisure.”

Ms. Daisy Ho, Managing Director of SJM Resorts S.A. said, “PATA is an old friend of Macau, and bringing this Summit back is like bringing family home. She remarked, “Reflecting on the past few years, – from the bustling travel peaks of 2019 to the devastating lows of the pandemic – the one key takeaway is the interconnectedness of our world. We have seen firsthand that we are not just one industry; we are one global community, sharing one planet. We often speak of the 3Ps: People, Planet, and Prosperity, as fundamental pillars of sustainability. However, here in Macau, we are guided by 3 additional Ps that are just as vital: Public-Private-Partnership. These have remained at the forefront of SJM’s agenda from the outset, and hosting this PATA Summit is one fine example of this joint effort.”

Reimagining Tourism

PATA Chair Peter Semone said, “Today’s theme, Reimagining Tourism, involves a fundamental shift in how we conceive, plan, and engage in tourism activities. It goes beyond simply improving existing models and instead seeks to transform the entire tourism industry to make it more sustainable, responsible, and inclusive. This could include incorporating principles of ecotourism and sustainable development, promoting cultural exchange and understanding, leveraging technology for more immersive and accessible experiences, and prioritising the well-being of local communities and environments over sheer economic gains.”

The program

On May 15, the summit commenced with the PATA Executive Board and PATA Board Meetings, the PATA Life Members Get-Together, and the PATA Power of Networking session and the inaugural Education Roundtable session.

The following day began with the PATA Youth Symposium 2024 which was held offsite at the host university, Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST). Other insightful sessions which occurred simultaneously with the symposium consisted of the Government and Industry Roundtables, as well as the PATA Chapter Congress.

The PATA-WTCF China Dialogue, supported by the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) and sponsored by Dragon Trail International, was also held on the morning of the second day. The Dialogue served as a platform for industry experts to delve deep into discussions of the challenges and opportunities that can be found in the ever-evolving sector of China Inbound Tourism.

The day concluded with PAS 2024 Welcome Dinner Reception and PATA Awards Presentation, which saw attendees in their best national costumes for the Cultural Attire Competition @ PAS2024, in celebration of diversity, cross-cultural understanding, and the rich heritage of each destination.

Main Conference

The main conference, beginning on the afternoon of May 16 and concluding on May 17 featured the official opening ceremony followed by sessions covering various topics under the theme ‘Reimagining Tourism’, including:

  • State of the World Economy
  • Marketing and Branding in Asia Pacific Tourism
  • Reimagining Your Business Model
  • Future-Proofing Travel and Tourism Policies
  • In Conversation with Pansy Ho
  • Key Travel and Tourism Trends to Watch
  • Where Are We Heading?
  • Hotel Industry Trends
  • Air Travel Trends & Outlook in APAC
  • Navigating the Skyline: Aviation’s Evolution in Asia Pacific
  • Launch of Brand New PATA Report on Human Capital Development
  • Deep Dive into the Future of the Tourism Workforce
  • Gastronomy Tourism: Balancing Innovation with Local Preservation
  • Tourism Synergies to Diversify Economy
  • The Future of Travel and Tourism
    and breakout sessions focusing on Travel Technology, Educational Tourism, Night-time Economy and The
  • Future of Travel Agents in the Age of AI.
  • PATA signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) during its Partnerships for Tomorrow session. One MoU was with the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB), while the other was with the East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Federation (EATOF). These MoUs solidify the partnerships and commitment to responsible tourism in the years to come.
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