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The ninth Ulan Muqir Art Festival Kicked Off in Hinggan League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Author: Theodore Koumelis / Date: Fri, 08/12/2022 - 02:40

The event is held in the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia, at the southern foot of the Daxing'an Mountains.

Hinggan League, China -  The Ninth Ulan Muqir Art Festival (also the 2022 Hinggan League Nadam Fair) kicked off in Horqin Right Front Banner, Hinggan League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, according to the Publicity Department of Horqin Right Front Banner.

At the opening ceremony, 22 Ulan Muqir troupes put on performances one by one in the sequence of their establishment years and offered a cultural feast for the audience. The repertoire covered a variety of wonderful performances including the song "Ride on Galloping Horse to Guard our Frontier", Holboo "Red Melody", and situational dance "Always Be the Red Artist Calvary on the Grassland", etc., which brought great enjoyment to the audience as the atmosphere reached its climax. A total of 170,000 farmers and herdsmen participated in this event.

Apart from the six activities (the opening ceremony, cultural performances, performances to benefit the people, Specialty-and-Versatility competition, Ulan Muqir reform and development seminar, and the closing ceremony of the festival), in this year's Ulan Muqir Art Festival, Hinggan League Nadam Fair will also be held simultaneously with activities including poetry Nadam, traditional food Nadam, music Nadam, as well as horse racing, archery, and wrestling.

The event is held in the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia, at the southern foot of the Daxing'an Mountains, and in the centre of the four grasslands of Horqin, Hulunbuir, Xilingol, Mongolia. This venue boasts the spectacular Ulan Maodu Grassland which covers an area of more than 8,000 square kilometres and has rich tourism resources.


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