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Ferry collides in Philippines – Rescue teams save hundreds from drowning

Author: Theodore Koumelis / Date: Mon, 08/19/2013 - 00:03

Hundreds of people have been rescued after the ferry sank following the collision with that domestic cargo vessel.

PHILIPPINES - The ferry, MV Thomas Aquinas, carrying nearly 700 people collided with a domestic cargo vessel while it was nearing the docks of the Philippine Cebu port. Amid a lot of panic and commotion the ship sank while the people plunged into the water to save their lives. A speedy rescue mission was instrumental in saving a lot of lives, while there are reports of casualties as well.

According to reports from various sources, the ferry, after hitting the cargo vessel near the central city of Cebu was sinking quite rapidly. The captain ordered the ship to be abandoned. Coastguard vessels and other nearby ships were helping the rescue operations, according to latest updates. The ferry was coming from Nasipit in Agusan Del Sur province in the southern Philippines to Cebu on a daylong journey when this miserable collision occurred.

Recent reports say, seventeen people had died and more than 500 were rescued, with the rescue operation still continuing. According to news updates the ferry had left Cebu port for Manila with almost 700 crew and passengers when the collision occurred. Hundreds of people were plucked from the water by dozens of fishing boats that rushed to the area. The cargo ship is also helping in the rescue operation. Many people were brought to local hospitals.


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