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New Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-Chome opens in Tokyo

Royal Park Hotel

The new Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chome in Tokyo offers a convenient, comfortable stay, allowing guests to explore Ginza’s rich culture.

Mitsubishi Estate Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. is opening its third hotel in Tokyo, Japan‘s famous Ginza district today. While the area is known for its upmarket shopping and dining, the new hotel, The Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chrome, offers a friendly and convenient place to stay where guests can immerse themselves in deeper aspects of Ginza culture.

Convenience and Calm

To provide both a comfortable and convenient place to stay, the Royal Park Hotel is located in Ginza’s 6-chome area, close to Higashi-Ginza Station. It avoids the noise and crowds of central Ginza, without compromising on convenience. Higashi-Ginza Station is connected to the Asakusa Line, which allows for easy access to sightseeing spots like Asakusa, as well as to both international airports, Haneda and Narita.

The convenient location means that guests can easily use the hotel as their base for exploring more of Tokyo, as well as exploring Ginza on a deeper level. The area may be known for its high-end shopping and dining opportunities, but staying in Ginza opens the door to uncover a more cultural side of the district. Explore the area’s art galleries, or the flavors of the Tsukiji Outer Market. Find local temples and shrines like Tsukiji Honganji, and experience traditional performances of Kabuki.

Ginza Culture and Food

The main theme of the new hotel is “GINZA POP,” which draws on elements of Ginza’s vibrant culture.

Nods to Ginza’s culture can be seen throughout the hotel in its facilities, food, and décor. Throughout the hotel, guests are also greeted by tastefully refreshing greens and yellows, inspired by the line of Ginkgo and willow trees nearby. The Ginza area is also known for traditional Kabuki, and in Kabuki theaters guests will often see the colors black, a persimmon red-orange, and muted green. So, these colors have been implemented into the room designs alongside retro patterns to create a lively atmosphere.

Taking the retro atmosphere a step further, the hotel restaurant, YŌSHOKU-YA GINZA LAMP-TEI, offers a traditional yet casual style of Japanese and Western fusion cuisine known as yoshoku. While yoshoku means “western cuisine,” it has distinctly Japanese flavors that come through in dishes like omurice (omelet over flavored white rice) and Japanese Hamburg steak (a juicy meat patty with a savory sauce). These are served at dinner, but are also available at the breakfast buffet.

Another relaxing way for guests to experience Ginza culture within the hotel is at the stylish and tattoo-friendly communal bath area. While each hotel room has its own bath, guests who want to dip their toes into Japanese bath culture can visit for free.

Hospitality and a Taste of Ginza Nightlife

Another central theme of the hotel is the idea of creating a connection between guests and the local culture and people.

Part of the theme comes through in the seemingly casual hotel design that both puts guests at ease and seamlessly integrates elements of Ginza culture. But this connection is also highlighted by the restaurant, where local residents and businesspeople are just as welcome as hotel guests, as well as in the hotel’s “snack” bar, known as KOBIKICHŌ-CLUB.

Snack bars are usually smaller drinking establishments run by a friendly female manager known as “mama-san,” where the idea is to chat with her and the other guests. But with so many snack bars having regular customers and tight-knit communities, they are a side of Tokyo nightlife tourists often don’t get to experience. KOBIKICHŌ-CLUB is a place for guests to come and go freely, whether that’s for drinks and snacks at the main bar with fellow travelers, a night of karaoke, or a secluded drink in the private reservation area.

Speaking on the hotel’s approachable atmosphere, Mr.Yoshikazu Kobayashi, General Manager of The Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chome said, “We want to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that provides a sense of comfort without being pretentious. Your travel experience is our highest priority, so we hope that we can provide everything you need for you to relax and be yourself while staying with us.”

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