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Amadeus and Microsoft’s AI-Powered Chatbot Revolutionizes Hotel Business Intelligence

Amadeus, Microsoft

Amadeus partners with Microsoft to integrate Generative AI into a chatbot, simplifying hotel business intelligence by providing fast, natural language access to complex data insights.

Amadeus harnesses the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence through its partnership with Microsoft to simplify a hotelier’s ability to search and understand business intelligence data using chatbot functionality.

For today’s busy hoteliers, having fast and easy access to business intelligence insights to support confident, data-driven decisions is critical.

In response, Amadeus has unveiled plans to incorporate Gen AI into an innovative new chatbot for its business intelligence suite, debuting with Agency360+™ . The Amadeus Advisor chatbot powered by Azure OpenAI Service builds on the strategic partnership between the two technology companies to foster collaboration and innovation across the entire travel industry.

In addition to accessing the comprehensive travel agency and corporate booking data available in Agency360+, hoteliers can use the new chatbot, Amadeus Advisor, to enter complex data requests and receive answers quickly and in natural language.

Among the benefits of applying Gen AI is its ability to instantaneously collect an in-depth level of insight to speed up complex data analysis and pave the way for more strategic business decisions. Whether hotel revenue managers are looking for information on their average daily rate (ADR), room nights, or revenue pipeline, the entire process is streamlined for them and removes the need for manual searches.

Even less technical staff or novices to data are empowered to access the solution, enter a search via the chatbot and then apply their findings across sales, marketing, operations, and distribution strategies.

Julie Shainock, Managing Director Travel, Transport & Logistics, Microsoft, says: “We are excited to collaborate with Amadeus on this innovative experience powered by AI, that leverages both Amadeus’s deep expertise in travel and hospitality and Azure OpenAI Service capabilities. Amadeus Advisor now offers a more intelligent experience to hoteliers around the world, accelerating real-time decision-making and their operational efficiencies. This is a new step in our strategic partnership with Amadeus aiming at driving innovation together and building the future of travel.”

Michael Yeomans, Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence and Data Solutions, Hospitality, Amadeus, adds: “At Amadeus, we are committed to innovation as we work to shape the future of hospitality technology, and the Amadeus Advisor chatbot powered by Azure OpenAI Service is a great example of this ambition coming to life. This is a transformational step forward in our offering to provide more intelligent and responsive technology, an improved user experience, and remove the need for hoteliers to manually comb through data. The tool quickly presents complex information in a simple and easy-to-understand format, freeing up time for hoteliers to focus on more strategic initiatives that drive revenue.”

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