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Esperance secures permanent town bus service after successful trial

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Esperance’s town bus service becomes permanent following a successful two-year trial, enhancing public transport access for residents and tourists.

The Esperance community will now be able to enjoy a town bus service for good, following a successful two-year trial.

The Public Transport Authority in conjunction with the Shire of Esperance introduced a trial service in July 2022 with the aim of improving public transport access to the town centre and surrounding suburbs.

The trial has involved three new routes, operating three times a day on weekdays:

  • Route 810 between Nulsen and Esperance;
  • Route 811 between Castletown and Esperance; and
  • Route 812 between West Beach and Esperance.

The local community provided feedback via online surveys and community information sessions.

In 2023, there were over 100 responses to a survey seeking feedback on a six-month review, with overwhelmingly positive responses about the services.

Comments attributed to Acting Transport Minister John Carey:

Affordable and reliable travel options is essential to regional and remote communities, which is why this is a great outcome for the community.

“The permanent town bus routes will provide the community as well as tourists with a reliable and low-cost option of travelling within the town of Esperance for years to come.

Comments attributed to Agricultural Region MLC Shelley Payne:

The two-year trial has demonstrated enormous community benefits including better access to essential services such as the Esperance Health Campus, Esperance Care Services and the shopping centre.

“The trial saw overwhelmingly positive responses during consultation over the two years so the permanent outcome is a terrific result for the community.”

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