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Great Big Story takes a walk-through Sri Lanka's landscape and cultural heritage

Author: Angelos Restanis / Date: Tue, 06/12/2018 - 09:46

The Great Big Story mini-series will run across multiple platforms and social accounts reaching over 10 million fans, followers and global travellers.

HONG KONG - Great Big Story in partnership with Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau takes its viewers on a cinematic journey exploring the natural and cultural wonders of Sri Lanka. Much in sync with the country's diversity, this mini-series will bring forth the country's culture and heritage.

Spearheaded by CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) this partnership also includes commercials produced by CNNIC's global brand studio Create which will showcase what Sri Lanka has to offer its visitors; highlighting the country's nature, wildlife and culture. The Great Big Story mini-series will run across multiple platforms and social accounts reaching over 10 million fans, followers and global travellers.

Commenting on the partnership, Sunita Rajan, CNN International's Senior Vice President Advertising Sales said "We are thrilled to join hands with Sri Lanka Tourism to create an exhilarating nation branding campaign. Our key focus is to produce engaging content that brings Sri Lanka's travel experiences to life. The power of this collaboration lies in rich storytelling, adept branded content, clever targeting and the engagement that CNN and Great Big Story has with its audience."

John E Amaratunga, Honourable Minister of Tourism Development & Christian Religious Affairs, Sri Lanka said "We are looking forward to showcasing the hidden gems of Sri Lanka that are beautiful and undiscovered. We want the world to witness the culture and heritage that Sri Lanka nurtures. Our association with CNN International Commercial is a great step towards showcasing the cultural ethos of Sri Lanka, through varied platforms that this partnership comprises. Through Great Big Story's compelling story telling we are looking forward to reaching out to diverse audiences worldwide."

In this three-part mini-series Great Big Story journeys through Sri Lanka to explore:

Dambulla: the famous town of Dambulla is popularly known for its cave temple complex which has been around for 22 centuries and is filled with over 1,500 paintings and 55 statues of Buddha. This Great Big Story will take you on a journey to discover the beautiful ancient caves.

The Fire Dancers: The Kandy Esala Perahera dance is a grand festival celebrated with elegant costumes and awe-inspiring performances. One of the most exciting traditional local dances includes "The South Ceylon" a choreographed fire dance. Fire dancers show their power over the fire and evil spirits which protects them from harm's way.

The Mangrove Master: Many families rely on the plush mangroves in Western Sri Lanka as a major resource, but the mangroves have slowly been depleted in size and nutrients. Meet the fisherman taking the mangroves back to their former glory. His name is Douglas Thisera, but he is known around the community as the Mangrove Master. He has spent the last 16 years replanting and conserving the mangroves and has built an army of community activists. Together they have planted 170,000 saplings covering an area of 860 hectares in the district.


Angelos Restanis

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