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Thailand Unveils Groundbreaking “Pink Plus” Economy: A DE&I Game-Changer

“Living in Thailand can now come with inclusive lifestyle, wellness, and innovation,”says Mr. Manatase Annawat, President of Thailand Privilege Card /photo AJWood

Thailand launches “Pink Plus” economy, a LGBTQIA support system with visas, healthcare, finance and more. Thailand aims to be a global DE&I hub.

Today marks a revolutionary milestone as Thailand launches the world’s first-of-its-kind “Pink Plus” economy, spearheaded by This bold initiative transforms the traditional “Pink” economy into a comprehensive DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) ecosystem, specifically designed to support LGBTQIA communities in various aspects of life, including living, family planning, and retirement.

With the support of Thailand Privilege Card, a state-owned enterprise dedicated to providing long-stay visas, the “Pink Plus” economy represents a major leap forward in inclusivity and support for LGBTQIA individuals worldwide.

Thailand: The Emerging Global DE&I Hub

Thailand’s recent legalization of same-sex marriage and forthcoming policies supporting LGBTQIA family planning underscore the Kingdom’s commitment to becoming a global DE&I leader. Positioned strategically to serve over 200 million LGBTQIA individuals in its region, Thailand is now an inviting destination for those looking to wed, live, innovate, plan families, and retire.

Dr Wei Siyang Yu Founder & Chairman of Borderless Healthcare Group

Dr Wei Siyang Yu Founder & Chairman of Borderless Healthcare Group addresses the packed auditorium / photo AJWood

“We are very excited to be part of the journey of how Thailand transforms itself to be a global DE&I hub. Living in Thailand can now come with inclusive lifestyle, wellness, and innovation,” said Mr. Manatase Annawat, President of Thailand Privilege.

The “Pink Plus” Membership Packages, in collaboration with Thailand Privilege, will offer a range of “Pink Plus” membership packages. These packages provide a host of benefits, including:

  • Thailand Privilege Card: Facilitating long-stay visas.
  • Telemedicine Platform: Access to renowned medical experts.
  • Shopping Vouchers: Exclusive deals and discounts.
  • Retirement Living Programs: Tailored to LGBTQIA needs.
  • Pink Tech Innovation Workshops: Fostering creativity and technological advancement.
  • Family Wellness Support: Comprehensive services for family planning and health.
  • Financial Planning Services: Expert advice on managing finances.
  • Home Buying/Leasing Support: Assistance in finding the perfect home.
  • Exclusive Resort Staycations: Luxury stays in top-tier resorts.
A Call to Entrepreneurs and Innovators is actively inviting entrepreneurs and enterprises to join the global reseller network for the “Pink Plus” packages. Interested parties can apply for training at Upon completion and passing a DE&I assessment, successful trainees will receive certification to distribute selected packages.

Innovating for an Inclusive Future

As part of Thailand’s transformation into a DE&I hub, has launched a call for inclusive ideas in health tech, artificial intelligence, fintech, retirement living concepts, filmmaking, and new business ideas. The heritage precinct, Yaowarat, in Bangkok has been designated as a “Pink Incubator” to support and mentor these inclusive startups.

Additionally, a high-tech call center with soundproof concierge suites has been established in Bangkok’s trendy Thonglor district to serve “Pink Plus” members. An AI-enabled avatar will soon be available to handle inquiries in multiple languages, ensuring seamless communication for all potential merchants and resellers.

Embracing the “Pink Plus” Economy
Borderless’s Founder Dr Wei and President Annawat of Thailand Privilege

Pictured Borderless’s Founder Dr Wei and President Annawat of Thailand Privilege, a state-owned enterprise. The “Pink Plus” economy represents a major leap forward of support for LGBTQIA individuals worldwide / photo AJWood’s initiative marks a significant step toward a more inclusive and supportive global community for LGBTQIA individuals. By integrating wellness, lifestyle, innovation, and financial planning into a comprehensive package, Thailand is not just opening its doors but also setting a new standard for DE&I worldwide.

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