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Felix H. L. Chiu: Taiwan Expo 2018 will be a bridge between Thai and Taiwanese investors

Author: Theodore Koumelis / Date: Mon, 08/20/2018 - 11:24

Mr. Felix H. L., Chiu, Executive Director of Industry Marketing Department, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) talks about Taiwan Expo 2018 which will take place in Thailand.

Could you tell us about Taiwan Expo? What is the objective?

Felix H. L. Chiu: Taiwan Expo is based on Taiwan government's Flagship Programs and Prospective Areas in The New Southbound Policy. The Expo will present and share Taiwan's experience in various industries such as science and technology, agriculture, medical care, education, and tourism.

The objective is to strengthen relationship between Taiwan and ASEAN countries. We hope that this event will make people’s everyday life more convenient and pleasant as well as to create a great opportunity to expand trade cooperation in the Asian region.

In particular, due to Thai government’s policy of Thailand 4.0, it has a huge potential of business and consumer exposure to new technology and innovations. By organizing Taiwan Expo 2018 for the first time in Thailand, we wish to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationship by focusing on the cooperation of Taiwan and Thailand industry.

Why you choose Thailand for your expo?

F.C.: Thailand's current policy of promoting Thailand 4.0 has fitted with Taiwan's industrial innovation policy well. Taiwan aims to stimulating industrial upgrade which is coherent with the goal of Thailand 4.0 to increase value of traditional industries with technology, and to provide full support to emerging industries such as smart machinery and automation, biomass energy and biochemistry, medical and health care. So Taiwan Expo 2018 will be a bridge between Thai and Taiwanese investors to exchange views on business and trade opportunities.

What are the highlights of product showcases and activities during the expo?

F.C.: The expo will feature Taiwan's industries, technological standards and cultural depth through 7 major segments of culture and talents & tourism, smart city, green technology, health care, agricultural tech and good living. Those will be combined with industry seminars and business opportunity matching sessions with total of 210 manufacturers using 250 booths. We expect that there will be more than 20,000 visitors.

Some of our highlights will be Taiwan Healthcare Pavilion which is to present the characteristics and strengths of Taiwan's health care industry in every aspect, including medical-related smart medical solutions, aesthetic medicine, medical equipment, and many more on healthy life and other award-winning products. At the Taiwan Digital Commerce & Startups Forum, there will be Taiwanese startups and e-commerce leaders to developing the opportunities brought forth by Thailand's demographic dividend and the Thai government's “Thailand 4.0” smart infrastructure policy. OTOP (One Town One Product) will bring 50 high-quality Taiwanese local products to exhibit, including cakes, tea, snack foods and sauces. Materials, spices, vinegar and fabrics, etc., it is worthwhile for the buyer to taste and purchase. Moreover, we also hold 10 forums to share Taiwan’s experiences with Thai people.” Such as “Taiwan smart machinery forum,” we invite several leaders from Taiwan's machinery industry to demonstrate the latest technologies in car and food manufacturing, their best practices that have helped Thailand clients to create valued-added, smart manufacturing products and solutions.

To bring more choices to the local market, the expo will show a whole green industry supply chain includes software and hardware to complete solutions.

How similar (or different) are Thailand and Taiwan in terms of design, education, culture and tourism?

F.C.: Thai government has put in effort to promote cultural and creative industries through a series of policies. It has succeeded in promoting and upgrading the transformation of tourism and other creative industries such as design, fashion, and architecture to attract worldwide attentions. Taiwan also has "Cultural Taiwan" focusing on the 3 aspects; culture and phenomena, industry and cultivation, and brand and innovation. It presents Taiwan's cultural brands and innovations from all things traditional to innovative, from industrial to exquisite, from local to international. It allows people to experience contemporary Taiwanese cultures, arts, life, and food. So it can be said that Thailand and Taiwan have similar practical direction in developing cultural and creative industries.

Do you think the 2018 Taiwan Expo will positively impact the sales of Taiwanese products in Thailand, especially in Bangkok?

F.C.: From our research and monitoring, Thailand looks forward to stimulating investment demand through industrial upgrading, Taiwan's smart machinery, smart systems and medical technology industries would highly have leading advantages to enhance Thailand’ industry in terms of business collaboration. For consumers, especially in Bangkok, people prefer convenient urban living. If they could find any gadget, technology or system to make their life and family easier, manageable and happier, we are so sure that this Expo will have positive impact on the sales.


Mr. Felix H. L., Chiu is the Executive Director of Industry Marketing Department, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)


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