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DMC‘s request for Thai Government plan for reviving int’l tourism gets Skål Bangkok support

Author: Andrew J Wood / Date: Mon, 06/15/2020 - 09:00
Surin Bay Phuket  - Photo: AJ Wood
Surin Bay Phuket - Photo: AJ Wood

The Thai arm of Diethelm Travel Group is calling on the government in Bangkok for a plan to revive inbound tourism following the Covid-19 pandemic.

DMC Diethelm Travel has voiced concern over a lack of clarity for reopening Thailand to international holidaymakers, has urged the government to clarify plans.

The Thai arm of Diethelm Travel Group is calling on the government in Bangkok for a plan to revive inbound tourism following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company respects that the government’s current guidelines regarding tourism have played a significant role in combatting the spread of COVID-19 within the Kingdom.

Since strict policies were put in place in March, however, the global situation surrounding the pandemic has changed and Diethelm Travel Thailand wishes to open up discussions between government authorities, the TAT and local tourism industry players to begin moving forward.

“We’re grateful for the Thai government’s leadership in controlling COVID-19 but are becoming increasingly concerned over the future of Thailand’s tourism industry, which directly and indirectly affects millions of citizens across the country,” said Stephan Roemer, CEO of Diethelm Travel Group.

“Thailand is regarded as the flagship of Asia tourism and we hope that the Thai government will introduce a plan for reviving international tourism as soon as possible. To continue to keep our valued employees and maintain trust with our overseas partners, we need planning security.”

“We’re encouraged to see that looser travel regulations in combination with careful controls in Europe and East Asia have not led to any sudden increases in virus cases. Instead, they have started to allow the respective regions’ tourism industries to slowly recover and, in turn, protect valuable jobs,” continued Roemer.

By opening up a dialogue and sharing information, the DMC strives to help make it more accessible for foreign visitors to travel to Thailand.

The company has requested more information about the lifting of travel restrictions from Tourism Authority of Thailand governor Yuthasak Supasorn and tourism minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn.

On the 2nd June PM Prayut Chan-ocha announced that the forth easing of business lockdowns can't be rushed and international travel is possible on a bilateral basis. No further details since have been released. 

Diethelm Travel Thailand wants to open discussions between government authorities, the TAT and the local tourism industry to begin moving forward.

The move gets the support of Skål International Bangkok. Club President Andrew Wood said, “The Government here in Thailand has done an excellent job in controlling the coronavirus pandemic with only 3,125 infections of which 2,987 have already recovered (96% of total infections) and just 58 deaths. They are to be congratulated. It is encouraging to note that yesterday Thailand recorded no new cases of the coronavirus.”

“As we move into the recovery phase this proactive move by DTG reflects the need to now restart international flights into and out of Thailand to enble international tourists and travellers to return to these shores,” he said. 


Andrew J Wood

English born Andrew J Wood, is a freelance travel writer and for most of his career a professional hotelier. Andrew has over 35 years of hospitality and travel experience. He is a Skal member and a hotel graduate of Napier University, Edinburgh. Andrew is also a former member of the Executive Committe of Skal International (SI), National President SI THAILAND, Club President of SI BANGKOK and is currently SI Asia Area a.VP Southeast Asia (SEA), and Director of Public Relations Skal International BANGKOK. He is a regular guest lecturer at various Universities in Thailand including Assumption University's Hospitality School and the Japan Hotel School in Tokyo.