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Cambodia: New e-immigration process starting 1st July 2024


Starting July 1, 2024, Cambodia’s new e-immigration process will replace paper forms, streamlining arrival procedures and requiring online applications within seven days of arrival.

Starting July 1, 2024, Cambodia will revolutionize its immigration process by implementing a new e-immigration system, replacing the traditional paper-based method. This significant change aims to simplify and expedite the arrival process for travelers, ensuring a smoother transition through Cambodian borders and enhancing the overall travel experience.

Key Changes in the E-Immigration Process

The introduction of the e-immigration application is mandatory for all travelers entering Cambodia. This digital system replaces the previous paper forms required for immigration formalities and customs declarations. It is important to note that while this new system streamlines the arrival process, it does not replace the need for a visa. Travelers must still obtain a visa for entry into Cambodia, either in advance or on arrival.

E-Immigration Process Details

The e-immigration process requires every person entering Cambodia to complete an online application within seven days of their arrival. This can be done using the e-immigration app or through the official website ( Here are the essential steps:

  1. Registration: Travelers must register by taking a photo and uploading their passport information. This process can be completed on the app or the website.
  2. E-Arrival Card: The new e-arrival card replaces the traditional paper forms, including the immigration form, health form, and customs declaration. This change aims to make the arrival process more efficient and less time-consuming.
  3. Completion Timeline: The e-immigration application must be completed within seven days of arrival. Travelers cannot register outside of this timeframe. If the application is not completed before arrival, travelers will need to use the tablets provided in the arrivals hall to complete it before approaching the immigration counter.
  4. QR Code: After completing the application, a QR code will be generated. Travelers should save this QR code on their phones. While the QR code won’t be scanned at the counter, it may be requested for verification purposes.
Using the E-Immigration App

The e-immigration app, available for download from both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, provides a convenient platform for travelers to complete the necessary formalities. The app allows travelers to:

  1. Register and Complete the Application: Upload necessary documents and information, such as a photo and passport details.
  2. Apply for an E-Visa: Travelers can apply for an e-visa through the app, although it is recommended to obtain the e-visa separately or use the Fast Track Visa service for a more streamlined experience.
  3. Enter Travel Details: Provide information such as the date of arrival, travel purpose, accommodation type and location, embarkation city, and next destination.
  4. Health and Customs Declarations: Complete the necessary health and customs declarations as part of the application process.
Important Considerations

Several important considerations should be noted with the new e-immigration process:

  1. Timely Registration: Ensure that the e-immigration application is completed within seven days of arrival. Registration outside of this period is not permitted.
  2. On-Arrival Registration: If the application is not completed before arrival, travelers must use the tablets provided in the arrivals hall to complete the application before approaching the immigration counter.
  3. Fast Track Visa Service: While the Fast Track Visa service remains available, travelers must still complete the e-immigration process. Immigration officers facilitating the fast track visa on arrival will assist travelers using the provided tablets.
Streamlined Entry and Enhanced Convenience

Cambodia’s move to an e-immigration system marks a significant step towards modernizing its entry procedures. This new process promises to enhance convenience for travelers by reducing paperwork and streamlining the arrival experience. Travel and hospitality professionals should prepare their clients for these changes to ensure a seamless transition when traveling to Cambodia.

By embracing digital solutions, Cambodia is poised to offer a more streamlined and user-friendly entry process, reflecting its commitment to enhancing the travel experience. This new system is expected to significantly improve the efficiency of Cambodia’s border control, benefiting both travelers and immigration officials.

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