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Yas Theme Park annual passes: How to take full advantage of them

Yas Theme Park

Yas Theme Parks offers three types of annual passes, all offering discounts on dining, shopping, group tickets, and experiences but with varying degrees of costs and perks.

Ever tried going to Abu Dhabi, only to realize a single visit isn’t enough? Like you feel you could’ve gotten more from your trips to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) than just a few roller coaster rides?

You’re not alone. Many guests and residents wish to take full advantage of their time in the country and experience the most enjoyable things to do in the UAE more than once. This is where annual passes become handy.

Annual passes offer cost-effective and high-value options for frequent travelers and deal hunters. Here, you’ll learn the available options you can get from three of the best theme parks in the region and how you can take full advantage of them.

3 types of Yas Theme Park annual passes
Yas Theme Parks offers three types of annual passes, all offering discounts on dining, shopping, group tickets, and experiences but with varying degrees of costs and perks:

1. Silver
A Silver annual pass grants the holder restricted access to Ferrari World, Warner Bros. World, and Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi for a yearly fee of AED 995 (AED per month).

Although they don’t have free access during public holidays, Silver annual pass holders can still take advantage of a lower admission fee of AED 50 during the excluded days. Discount rates on the benefits above are set at 15 percent.

2. Gold
Gold annual passes have a higher discount rate at 25 percent compared to Silver. However, what makes it a better choice is the all-year access it grants holders for only AED 1,095 a year (AED 91 per month).

Gold passes also offer the following perks and more:

  • Preferred parking
  • Exclusive access and discounts on Yas Island events
  • Two-for-one voucher for CLYMB Abu Dhabi

3. Diamond
The highest of all Yas Parks annual passes, the Diamond pass not only provides you with year-round access but also priority entry to all three theme parks via Quickpass.

At an annual rate of AED 2,895 (AED 241 monthly), Diamond pass holders also get 25 percent discounts and:

  • Five valet parking vouchers
  • One guest ticket voucher
  • One free photo voucher

Gold and Diamond annual passes also give holders more benefits outside the theme parks, including hotel discounts, Yas Island event invites, exclusive experiences, and more.

How to take full advantage of annual passes
Thinking about buying a Yas Theme Park annual pass? Do your homework and follow the tips below to take full advantage of them:

1. Know your trip schedule
Before finalizing the purchase, make sure you first identify how frequently you go to Yas Theme Parks. Your usual travel schedule also matters.

For example, Silver annual passes don’t include holidays, which is usually the busiest time for tourist destinations like theme parks. If you are more likely to visit during these dates, it would be best to get either the Gold or Diamond annual passes.

Of course, you still get quite a discount for general admission from the Silver annual pass, so make sure you weigh your options accordingly.

2. Consider the pass’s value for money
Each annual pass costs differently because of its varying benefits. To make sure you’re making the right decision, compare the daily costs of park admission for annual passes with single-day ticket prices.

Divide the fee for each annual pass with the number of days you usually go to the park to get the average daily price. Use this to check whether you’re paying less than regular tickets with the yearly passes.

For example:

  • The Gold Pass annual rate of AED 1,095 / 10 days of visit in a year = AED 109.50
  • A Single-Day Admission to each park costs AED 270 to AED 295

You can save anywhere between AED 160.50 to AED 185.50 for each park in this scenario. Plus, you can also get more discounts and perks in Yas Island for the Gold pass, including hotels and restaurants.

3. Check if you can “cash in” the other perks
Admission to the first Ferrari-branded theme park, the largest indoor park, and the best water adventure in Abu Dhabi shouldn’t be your sole focus when considering Yas Parks annual passes.

Gold and Diamond passes also come with other benefits you may be able to take advantage of (or not). Make sure you determine whether you can use up these additional perks, especially if you’re considering one of these two more expensive offerings.

For example, if you frequently drive to and from Yas Island, you may be able to take advantage of preferred parking not only in the theme parks but also in other areas, like Yas Mall. You would also benefit more from valet parking than those who commute to Yas Island.

4. Combine annual pass benefits with other cost-saving hacks
To take your vacation up a notch in terms of value, you can also combine the following cost-saving hacks with annual pass benefits:

  • Schedule your trips during off-peak times. This will let you save on plane tickets and other travel expenses, especially if you come from another country.
  • Arrive early. Even if you don’t have priority access from the Diamond Annual Passes, you can still maximize a day’s trip to one or more of the three Yas Theme Parks if you arrive just before the gates open.
  • Travel in a group. Groups of four can also take advantage of the Family and Friends offering in Yas Theme Parks. This package can be applied with annual passes at a discounted rate (15 percent less for Silver and 25 percent for Gold and Diamond).

Get more value for less
Annual passes provide value-added benefits for patrons who frequent one or more of the theme parks in Yas Island. Make sure you get more out of what you paid for by using this article as a guide.

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