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Why should tourists agents promote their Instagram profile

what should you pay attention to if you are a travel agent and want to attract more customers using your Instagram?

Travel agencies are becoming a thing of the past, and individual organizers are increasingly starting to deal with tours and travel, who independently do everything that whole companies once did. This is great – and very difficult at the same time; and in order to be able to distribute your services and find new customers, you need to have some kind of channel for posting new information and constantly develop it. For most people, Instagram becomes it – and this is not surprising, because this social network has a huge number of active users and has all the tools for selling services and services.

So, what should you pay attention to if you are a travel agent and want to attract more customers using your Instagram? It’s very simple, you need to: 

1. Organize clear account navigation and give potential customers all the necessary information about you and your services – but briefly and to the point. Do not talk too much about yourself and your interests, concentrate on clearly naming the list and the cost of services and how you can be contacted. This, of course, is not all, but one of the most important. If people can’t find what and where to “buy” from you, they will simply move on, and you will quickly lose all potential customers. Therefore, if you want to be not only an excellent specialist, but also a salesman, you should definitely think about how people will learn about these services and products.

2. Set up quick answers to frequently asked questions. This is done easily after you make your account a business account, and saves a huge amount of time and effort. Plus, you don’t have to worry about whether you forgot some important information – it will all be collected in advance and in one place. This is one of the best tips that can be given to a beginner – but a very small number of people pay attention to the organization of such quick answers to questions. By the way, you can also respond to comments with saved answers – they can simply be stored in notes or even in highlights.

3. Show happy customers with whom you have already worked. Of course, after asking for their permission to show these photos – but believe me, this will tell your potential customers about the quality of your services better than any long posts. Photos can be posted in highlights so that they become almost the first thing that people who visit your page will pay attention to. No advertisement works better than one that evokes strong emotions – and when people see that someone has already liked the service a lot, they will be willing to pay money to go through the same thing.

If you’d use these pieces of advice, you’ll see positive results coming your way in no time. But after that, I would like to say something else about the fact that you can delegate some things to other people: for example, instead of worrying about how many likes you get every month, you can buy Instagram likes and forget about your worries. And you can also be helped by professionals who can write good posts for you and do visual design.

Let’s summarize: why would a travel agent keep Instagram and spend time and effort on it? The fact is that this platform is practically the only one where you can regularly find new customers and constantly tell them about your services and activities. Other types of advertising either work poorly or do not work at all – plus, today individual entrepreneurship is closely tied to the presentation of a personal brand and you need to take this into account and develop social media pages for this. People will come to you not only because you do your job well, but simply because they like you.

Don’t be afraid to buy real Instagram likes and develop your page using paid services – this will greatly facilitate your life and save a huge amount of time. Therefore, the best solution would be to calculate exactly how many likes, subscribers and other paid services you need and subscribe for their delivery – this way you can save time, effort and be sure that your account will grow all the time no matter what.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

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