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What makes a good Malaysian gambling site

When picking an online gaming site you should make sure the site has a good range of opening hours.

Gambling online in Malaysia is becoming quite popular among locals and especially tourists that visit. Malaysia is a country with complex and strict laws surrounding gambling, this could be due to the fact that many of Malaysia’s residents practice Islam and gambling is strictly prohibited under Sharia law.

With few casinos and most luxurious high roller casinos available, many turn to online gambling sites to avoid long-distance travelling as well as to avoid the high roller tables.

Gambling laws in Malaysia
Before we get into what makes a good online Malaysian gambling site we must first understand the basics surrounding gambling laws in Malaysia to ensure safety while gambling and while choosing a site.

Online Gambling in Malaysia is by right illegal, the problem is most of the laws have been written decades ago and do not really cover online gambling. What is crystal clear is that hosting an internet gambling operation is indeed illegal. That being said, local authorities seem to close an eye when it comes to online gaming. 

Yet how does one partake in online gaming if there are no legal online gaming sites?

It is still possible to find local gaming sites, for your safety you should avoid these sites at all costs. There are two main reasons you will want to avoid these sites, firstly these sites are 100% illegal and have no regulations in place, secondly, the site can be a complete scam.

Simply put your best option when it comes to online gambling from Malaysia one should stick to Offshore Gambling sites. In fact, one can find tons of online gambling providers in Malaysia that are safe to use, efficient and even offer great bonuses not to mention they even accept Malaysian currency.

These sites, as the name would suggest, operate offshore from Malaysia and therefore do not technically breach any of Malaysia’s laws. Malaysia has no jurisdiction to shut down said sites either. Keep note even though you are technically not doing any harm by gambling online in Malaysia, some locals will still find the activity appalling and one should stick to more private spaces when gaming.

So what makes a good Malaysian gaming site
Well, when it comes to gaming sites there are quite a few features that can make or break an online gambling site, regardless of whether it’s for sports betting or casino gaming fun. Let’s look into a few features that one should always look out for when choosing an online gaming site.

Gaming licences
Operating from offshores doesn’t mean these sites cannot opt for gaming licences. As a matter of fact, you should avoid all gaming sites that have no gaming licence. Gaming licences are hard to achieve, in order for a gaming site to achieve its “badge of honour,” it must go through constant rigorous checks to prove transparency and the providing of fair and honest gaming. 

Some of the best authority sites that provide licences are the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) but there are many more options. The best gaming sites will make sure to showcase their licence badge where one can easily find it, which is usually towards the bottom of the page and found in the footer.

Site security
When doing anything online one should always make sure that their data is being kept safe. As many already know the internet can be a wonderful and a very dark place all at the same time. Sammer’s plague online businesses and their customers. Today thankfully site security has improved drastically and yet there are still sites with little to no security for their customers. 

Again said sites should be avoided. In our constantly evolving digital world, we have learnt that our data is priceless. Scammers and other prying eyes can use our data in a number of unlawful ways, hence the importance of data encryption between users and gaming sites. The most basic and widely used form of data encryption is SSL, which is really easy to check for. 

Simply look to the left of the site link, if you see a small locked grey padlock you are in the green and can proceed on said site knowing your data is being encrypted.

Customer service
Finally, another super important factor that makes or breaks a gaming site is the efficiency of its customer support team. Alessandra Priante (UNWTO) stated “If the tourism leaders and governments are really ready to restart, we are ready to push” meaning that Malaysia’s gaming site traffic could really spike up.

When picking an online gaming site you should make sure the site has a good range of opening hours, especially during the times you think are most likely to wager online. You should also make sure they can withstand a lot of traffic in one go, if not you could get yourself into gridlock with technical difficulties awaiting replies for who knows how long.

Always make sure the site offers live chat options preferably or at least email or phone contact options.

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