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Travelling to Malaysia? Here’s all you need to know about gambling there

In today’s article we have everything you need to know about Malaysia’s gambling scene.

Looking to travel to the magnificent country that is Malaysia? If so and you’re a prominent gambler or enjoy gaming from time to time this article is for you. In today’s article we have everything you need to know about Malaysia’s gambling scene!

Gambling legalities in Malaysia 
Gambling in any form, including games of chance, is against the Islamic religious law, thus technically speaking, most individuals are not allowed to gamble on the internet. This is because Islamic law considers gambling to be a sin.

Gambling is not restricted for tourists who are neither Muslims or Malaysians. Gambling is not nearly as prevalent in Malaysia as it is in other parts of the world. Casinos are almost seldom found outside of tourist destinations, and slot machines are quite uncommon. Additionally, there are no betting shops to be found.

Having stated that, there is no regulation or legislation in Malaysia that prohibits a firm that is located outside of Malaysia from serving Malaysian citizens. As long as they are not Muslims, hundreds of thousands of people in Malaysia use online casinos and participate in sports betting.

Online gaming from Malaysia
Online gaming from Malaysia therefore is legal for anyone who does not practise islamic law. If your travels means you have some down time it’s best to take a look at the best online gambling options in Malaysia before picking the first online casino that pops up for your gambling fun. This will guarantee the site you choose is indeed one to be trusted as well as making use of several casino reviews to compare the payment methods, bonuses and more.

Gambling history in Malaysia
Chinese traders are thought to have brought gambling to Malaysia in the 19th century. People in Malaysia have a lot of fun playing both legal and illicit gambling.   Lotteries, casino games, and horse racing are lawful in Malaysia, however all kinds of sports betting (at bookies) and internet gambling are forbidden to operate in Malaysia. In Indonesia, gambling is only lawful if the government grants a licence or licence to the Unit Kawalan Perjudian (Betting Control Unit). It is legal to run a lottery in Malaysia, as long as the Lotteries Act 1952 is in place. Six legal casinos (all privately owned) are currently in operation in Malaysia. As a side note, there are a number of illegal lotteries operating in Malaysia, and it has been estimated that the illegal lotteries produced 60% more income than the six legitimate lotteries combined in 2018. 

For the time being, Malaysia only has one legal land-based casino. Even though it’s open 24 hours a day, the privately run casino doesn’t let anybody under the age of 21 or Muslims inside and was built in the 1970s in true “Las Vegas flair.”

The British brought horse racing to Malaysia in the 1800s, and now there are three racetracks where it is permitted to wager on horses. The Racing Act 19616 governs the three racetracks, which are all privately owned. Since internet gambling is still illegal, Malaysians have been increasingly turning to this over the past few years. Bets placed on badminton and English football (especially the Premier League) are hugely popular. Online gambling has become more convenient and much more economical thanks to technological improvements.

The overseas betting sites allow Malaysian consumers and execute banking transactions in ringgits, despite the fact that this is unlawful.

Payment methods at online casinos in Malaysia
In Malaysia, the process of depositing and withdrawing real money from your online gaming account might be a bit complicated. People in the United States still prefer to pay for their goods and services by handing over cash. It’s a little more difficult to pay with cash online!

It is common practise in Malaysia to do online transactions using direct banking channels. Online gambling sites in Malaysia that accept direct bank transfers are available if your financial institution offers this option. Third-party payment processors can handle internet transactions even if your bank does not.

In Malaysia, Bitcoin casinos are the primary substitute to money transfers from online gambling sites. In this nation, cryptocurrencies are not recognised as legal tender, but you are free to make payments in them. Your ringgits (for example) are converted into Bitcoins, which you can then use in an online casino or sports book to try win money, and then convert back to ringgits to use elsewhere.

As New Zealand’s Sounds Air goes live on Amadeus Malaysia looks to stay strict on their gambling laws. Malaysia’s gambling scene doesn’t seem to changing anytime soon, with that being said the illegal gambling sector still makes up 60% more income than the legal sector. It’s clear that the gambling laws in Malaysia aren’t working for the majority, the good thing is tourists can still make use of online casinos!

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