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Discover a variety of EU dishes made from high quality, safe, authentic and sustainable EU ingredients

“Colours by Europe. Tastes of Excellence” campaign will take you on an exciting cuisine journey!

Do you know which products from the European Union (EU) are available in Thailand? The quality of EU food is extraordinary, and its reputation is legendary. We are used to eating spaghetti, cheeses and sausages, as well as drinking great wines, yet the food from EU countries is more varied and goes beyond familiar favourites like pizza, pasta and tapas. Each of the 27 EU Member States provides their own distinctive food traditions, presenting a variety of original products and culinary cultures.

European cuisine has been popular in Thailand for a long time, and it is becoming even more widespread with the further adoption of Western culture.  Today, acquiring European products is no longer difficult — people buy the finest EU ingredients from supermarkets and prepare them simply at home. During the times when the option of dining out is not available, the idea of enjoying a self-cooked meal at home is becoming more and more attractive for many Thais. 

Why do we inspire you to cook with EU food ingredients?
In addition to being delicious, fresh and of high quality, EU agricultural food and beverages products are subject to stringent production regulations and quality monitoring. Throughout all of Europe, skilled farmers and producers have mastered the art of combining local traditions with cutting-edge agricultural methods and storage technology. Herbicides, additives, flavourings and enzymes are all subject to strict regulations. Specific products’ authenticity is guaranteed by unique labels like Geographical Indications (GIs – PDO and PGI), that allow them to be tracked all the way back to its origins. 

What sort of cuisine fits today’s requirements? 
People in Thailand are becoming increasingly interested in eating nutritious, healthy food. They love organic products contributing to environment protection and maintaining biodiversity and are willing to pay a premium for them. Priority is given to quality over price, and the source, i.e.- where the food comes from, is becoming really important for consumers. In the EU, the agricultural industry and food manufacturing practices are strictly controlled. It guarantees the safety and sustainability of all products, and the diversity of European regions offers enough variety of ingredients to satisfy every need.

Let’s enjoy – it’s from Europe! Bring home European food and beverages Simple to cook and absolutely delicious,  European agricultural products can make healthy meals for the whole family to enjoy.

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