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Diethelm Travel Group: Creating Journeys of a Lifetime One Decade at a Time

Diethelm Travel offers thousands of experiences in 13 Asian countries and employs more than 500 staff throughout the continent.

Whether your first time in Asia was an incredible adventure or an overwhelming culture shock, one can’t deny that experiencing the vibrancy and humanity of this region irrevocably alters the way they then view the rest of the world. 

For centuries, Asia has called foreign explorers to her shores. While the world is smaller than ever before, however, there’s still much to discover – from traditional Iban villages in rural Malaysia to the pristine tropical islands in Myanmar’s remote Mergui Archipelago. The wealth of travel experiences Asia has to offer is astounding. 

Even with more than six decades operating in the region and on-the-ground teams in 13 countries across the continent, Diethelm Travel Group is still always discovering something new – or creating a new way to explore old favourites – and sharing their finds with agents around the world as one of the region’s leading inbound tour operators. 

Diethelm Travel New Office Opening in Bangkok

Back to the Beginning – From Thailand to the World

In April 1957, Swissair appointed Diethelm Travel Office as its travel agent in Thailand. Thanks to the advances in air travel, more foreigners, particularly Europeans, were beginning to discover Thailand’s beauty and charm and the Bangkok-based tour operator grew steadily thanks to solid local business ties. The 1990s saw great expansion as the company took what it had learned in Thailand and opened up services in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, China and Vietnam. With this strong foundation and growing global network of travel partners, services and agents, the company continued to break into new countries and markets, including Bhutan, the Maldives, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. 

Today, Diethelm Travel offers thousands of experiences in 13 Asian countries and employs more than 500 staff throughout the continent. In recent years, instead of expanding further, the DMC has focused on enriching the experiences they offer – from emphasising socially and environmentally responsible products, to implementing a three-tiered travel option that allow travellers to further customise their journey.

Highlights from the new office opening in Bangkok

Tailor-Made Quality Travels & Exclusive Experiences

While the company’s reputation for consistently high quality service and expert on-the-ground knowledge continues to serves as the foundation of its business, in recent years Diethelm Travel Group has increasingly focused on creating tailor-made travels that are customised to travellers’ individual styles, preferences, time and budget. Of course, this means offering completely bespoke service for discerning travellers wishing to completely design their experiences, including elaborate cross-country journeys, but the company has also implemented a number of tools and services that let any Diethelm Travel guest access easy customisations and add-ons. For instance, the company’s Concierge Service, available 24/7 with multilingual concierge teams at all destinations ready to help adjust travel plans, book more experiences or simply answer cultural questions, ensures clients enjoy a reliable experience with exceptional added value.

Additionally, carefully curated product lines also offer increased exclusivity, value and customisation options. 

  • Diethelm Moments, a creative assortment of destination-specific moments and gifts, such as traditional ceremonies or locally produced souvenirs, can be added to itineraries as a surprise for guests or added benefit. 
  • Diethelm Travel’s Go Local line of excursions and itineraries allows travellers to dive deep into the culture and communities they visit highlighting one-on-one interactions with locals including sharing home-cooked meals to learning traditional crafts from expert artisans. 
  • The company recently rolled out three specially designed tiers of transport options allowing guests to better tailor their personal journey to fit their budget and lifestyle preferences. The three tiers of service also allow for a variety of inclusions such as a uniformed Diethelm Travel chauffeur and guide, complimentary WiFi access, refreshments and more.

Diethelm Travel Services

World Class Safety Standards & More

While memorable experiences and taking time to connect are of paramount importance, they wouldn’t be possible without Diethelm Travel’s ongoing commitment to safety. The inbound operator continues to meet the highest international standards for corporate governance and compliance, matching its parent company, the Swiss Diethelm Keller Holding. Along with clean business practices, safety is of utmost importance for all Diethelm Travel Group staff, partners and guests. The company holds the highest possible third party liability insurance, at 20 million Swiss France per occurrence, covering all regions, as well as crisis management plans, and health and safety programmes aimed at meeting global standards. 

While Diethelm Travel Group has maintained its superior safety and compliance practices over the years, the company is enjoying a renewed sense of growth under the stewardship of Stephan Roemer, an industry veteran who took over as CEO in September 2017 while merging Diethelm Travel Group with Switzerland-based Asian travel specialist, Tourasia. The merger marked Diethelm Travel Group becoming one of the largest incoming tour operators in Asia. 

With more than 60 years of operation and one-of-a-kind authentic experiences now in Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam, Diethelm Travel Group is not only well positioned to serve seasoned travellers “Journeys of a Lifetime” but business partners and agents with sustained service backed by respected business practices.
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