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Redefining Luxury: Insights from Deepak Ohri’s new venture

Deepak Ohri, founder of LAMH Management Asia, shares his vision for luxury travel, emphasizing authentic experiences, strategic innovation, and the evolving needs of discerning travelers.

In a recent interview with TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific in Bangkok, Thailand, Deepak Ohri, the visionary founder behind the iconic Lebua Hotels, shared his perspectives on the evolving landscape of luxury travel and hospitality. Now at the helm of LAMH Management Asia Co., Ltd (Luxury Atelier Maison Happiness), Ohri is channeling his expertise into creating extraordinary luxury experiences that transcend conventional expectations.

A New Paradigm for Luxury

Ohri’s new venture, Luxury Atelier Maison Happiness, is grounded in three core principles: crafting luxury experiences, enhancing business profitability, and developing timeless food and beverage concepts. He emphasizes that true luxury is about qualitative, not quantitative, experiences. “Luxury can be anything,” he explains, “A hundred baht noodle on the roadside can be a luxury, and a $1000 meal can also be a luxury.”

Understanding and Meeting Customer Expectations

Addressing the rising popularity of alternative accommodations like Airbnb, Deepak Ohri points out a critical gap in traditional hospitality. “The sudden increase in this is because destinations or countries are not doing a good job to provide the environment that people who want to spend that kind of money desire,” he says. This shift underscores the need for the hospitality industry to adapt and offer personalized, authentic experiences that resonate with today’s discerning travelers.

Redefining Hospitality: From Storytelling to Story Living

Ohri highlights the difference between storytelling and story living. While many in the industry talk about luxury and experiential travel, few truly understand how to deliver it. “Customers want something different. Both the brand and the customer need to come closer in terms of history, concept, pricing, local experiences, and great food with the experience.”

The Role of Gastronomy in Luxury Experiences

Gastronomy plays a pivotal role in Ohri’s vision for luxury. He believes that food is the easiest way to understand a local culture. “Why do you think many people are staying in Airbnb and going to street food? Because they are interested in the experiences of local people, the culture of Thai people, and how they prepare their food,” he explains.

The Path Forward for the Hospitality Industry

Deepak Ohri stresses the importance of innovation and adaptation in the hospitality industry. He suggests that a key strategy for creating high-quality tourism is to channelize different types of customers through strategic pricing and curated experiences. He cites his experience in Napa Valley, where high entry barriers ensure that only certain clientele can access the unique offerings, thus maintaining an exclusive atmosphere.

Thailand’s Potential as a Luxury Destination

Despite Thailand’s current status, Ohri sees significant potential for it to become a luxury destination. He believes that the country needs to craft a compelling image and build around it, much like how Saint-Tropez and Napa Valley have done. The focus should be on creating unique, high-quality experiences that resonate with both domestic and international travelers.

Innovation Through Boredom

In a thought-provoking conclusion, Ohri attributes innovation to boredom. “Boredom gives you creativity because when you’re bored, you don’t know what to do. And suddenly a fear comes in, and you start creating new products,” he says. This mindset has driven Ohri to continually push the boundaries of what is possible in the luxury travel and hospitality industry.

Deepak Ohri’s insights offer a roadmap for redefining luxury and enhancing the overall travel experience. His emphasis on authentic experiences, strategic innovation, and understanding customer needs is a clarion call for the hospitality industry to evolve and thrive in a rapidly changing world. As he leads LAMH Management Asia Co., Ltd, the future of luxury hospitality looks poised for transformative growth.

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