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Insights from Simon Allison at SEAHIS 2024: Navigating the Hotel Investment Landscape

Simon Allison, Chairman and CEO of HOFTEL, discusses key challenges and emerging trends in the hotel investment landscape at SEAHIS 2024, emphasizing ownership and market diversification.

In an insightful interview at the Southeast Asia Hotel Investors’ Summit (SEAHIS) 2024, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bangkok, Simon Allison, Chairman and CEO of HOFTEL, shed light on key industry trends and challenges. Organized by HOFTEL, SEAHIS stands out for its unique focus on ownership, bringing together industry leaders and hotel owners to delve into pressing issues and emerging opportunities in the hospitality sector.

Key Highlights from SEAHIS 2024

Focus on Ownership and Capital:

Allison highlighted that SEAHIS differentiates itself by focusing heavily on hotel ownership. Approximately half of the attendees are hotel owners or owner-operators, providing a distinctive atmosphere where the primary focus is on capital investment rather than sales. This setting fosters deeper discussions on issues that directly impact the financial health of hotel owners.

Macro Issues Impacting the Industry:

Several macroeconomic challenges were identified, including persistently high interest rates, a sluggish return of Chinese outbound travel, geopolitical tensions, and a labor market that has yet to fully recover from the pandemic. These factors collectively pose significant concerns for hotel owners, impacting profitability and operational stability.

Industry Power Dynamics:

A recurrent theme in Allison’s discourse was the power imbalance between hotel owners and large brands or Online Travel Agents (OTAs). Despite owning substantial capital, estimated at over $3 trillion globally, hotel owners often find themselves at the mercy of brands and OTAs, which control distribution and customer access. This dynamic creates a challenging environment for owners seeking favorable contractual terms and operational autonomy.

Balancing Global and Local Approaches:

An intriguing discussion point was the contrasting strategies in the industry. Allison mentioned Hotel 101 Global, a company that standardizes its room designs to the extent that guests need to open windows to know their location. This approach starkly contrasts with the prevailing “think global, act local” mantra, indicating a spectrum of strategies within the industry that challenge conventional practices and stimulate innovation.

Emerging Market Dynamics:

Addressing the slow return of Chinese travelers, Allison pointed out the growing importance of diversifying market sources. With countries in the region historically relying heavily on Chinese tourists, there’s a shift towards attracting visitors from India, ASEAN nations, Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East, and Africa. This diversification is crucial to mitigate risks associated with geopolitical dependencies.

Innovative Ownership Structures:

Allison also touched on the growing trend of franchising and white-label operations. Many owners prefer these models over traditional brand contracts, which are often costly and inflexible. Franchising allows owners to retain control while benefiting from a recognized brand, whereas white-label operators offer more alignment with owners’ interests, providing a balance between independence and brand association.

Upcoming HOFTEL Events:

Allison concluded with an overview of upcoming HOFTEL events. The Atlantic Ocean Hotel Investor Summit will take place in Madrid on January 20-21, 2025, preceding the FITUR travel trade fair. Following that, the Gulf and Indian Ocean Hotel Investor Summit is scheduled for April 7-8, 2025, in Abu Dhabi. These events continue HOFTEL’s tradition of convening industry leaders to explore investment opportunities and address sector challenges.


SEAHIS 2024 underscored the evolving landscape of hotel investment, highlighting the importance of ownership-centric discussions and innovative business models. Simon Allison’s insights provide valuable perspectives for hospitality professionals navigating the complexities of the current market. As the industry adapts to new realities, events like SEAHIS offer a vital platform for knowledge exchange and strategic planning.

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