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Make sure you do these five things when visiting Hong Kong

If you’re planning a trip there, read on to discover five things that you absolutely must see and do when you arrive.

No city on earth brings the East and the West together quite like Hong Kong. It has blossomed from a humble fishing village to become one of the world’s great metropolises – a pulsating hub of commerce and culture. At no point during your visit do you ever forget about the spectacle of this vibrant city. Even when your plane is descending, the iconic skyline awakens a surge of eagerness within to experience everything this wonderful destination has to offer. It’s why every traveller has Hong Kong on their bucket list. If you’re planning a trip there, read on to discover five things that you absolutely must see and do when you arrive.

The Glitz and Grandeur of the casino Lisboa
Hong Kong, as per experts from, has no shortage of entertainment options for tourists looking to roll the dice. Perhaps nowhere embodies the city’s dazzling juxtapositions quite like the soaring Casino Lisboa complex thronged along the Macau waterfront. Pleasure palaces don’t come more flashy than this mecca for gaming and grandeur. You’ll find tables for every kind of game – from baccarat to blackjack – housed under shimmering chandeliers and frescoed ceilings that channel European opulence. Despite this obvious influence, there is also a heavy presence of Chinese traditions and superstitions.

Even if you’re not particularly keen on a long night at the casino, the the resort is worth visiting for the stunning Dancing Water Theater. An astonishing experience you won’t soon forget, the jaw-dropping water show features dazzling multimedia displays, coloured fountains, fireballs and more in a specially designed theater. It’s a true spectacle that’s not to be missed.

Immerse yourself in Hong Kong’s legendary culinary heritage
Few better places exist to soak in Hong Kong’s vibrant heritage than the bustling dai pai dongs – the city’s fabled open-air food stalls tucked beneath weathered awnings and draped in neon. Here, the intoxicating aromas of siu mei roasted meats, fragrant curries and wok-seared delicacies waft through crowded alleys alongside clouds of incense from nearby temples. Navigating those cramped corridors, one ducks past rickety medicine shops and parlours devoted to time-honoured pursuits like music, calligraphy and mahjong. At every turn, Hong Kong’s living traditions shine in raw authenticity and artistry.

One could savor the quintessential dim sum lunch at the beloved Luk Yu Tea House too – a brightly-lit sanctuary adorned with vintage wooden carvings where servers adeptly manoeuvre with steaming bamboo baskets of shrimp dumplings, barbecue pork buns and endless pots of pu’er tea. Yet within blocks, one can indulge the finest French haute cuisine or creative global fusion fare helmed by celebrity chefs. Through your tastebuds, you can deviate from Hong Kong and go on a veritable world tour.

Revel in Hong Kong’s historical mosaic of influences
Despite being a modern, cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong has a rich cultural tapestry weaving together Chinese traditions, British colonial influences and its own unique Cantonese heritage. Visitors delights in wandering the narrow streets of Sheung Wan, gawking at juxtapositions of stately Edwardian architectural reminders like the Old Police Headquarters cheek-by-jowl with swaying incense coils, imperial-green tiled roofs and neon signs scrawled with Chinese logograms.

Take the tram up to Victoria Peak for sweeping city views and visit the tranquil Man Mo Temple in the heart of the urban jungle. Stop by the Tai Kwun heritage site, a former colonial-era police and prison compound that has been revitalized into a centre for arts and performance. And no visit is complete without a stroll through the neon-lit streets of the Mong Kok night market.

Escape to Hong Kong’s lush outer realms
To experience another side of Hong Kong’s multifaceted splendours, venture beyond the urban canyons to its lush outer islands and nature enclaves. Hiking the serpentine ridge trails of Lantau’s Sunset Peak, you drink in jaw-dropping panoramas of turquoise waters swirling around forested outcroppings. The idyllic fishing village of Tai O proffers glimpses of long-faded lifestyles with its stilt houses, cat-cradling fishing boats and endless stacks of drying seafood restraints dangling from bamboo poles.

After the stimulation overload of downtown, the solitude and swaying palms of these outlying islands prove a welcome balm for the senses. Yet Hong Kong’s innate contrasts persist everywhere – whether in sleek modern sculpture installations tucked amid Lamma Island’s boho beachside haunts or the lavish seaside mansions glittering behind manicured hedges. Day hikes up lush green peaks like Victoria Peak and Lion Rock, and the stunning views they offer, clear the head and make the heart swell in equal measure.

Shop till you drop in a retail Utopia
Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise, from cutting-edge luxury malls stocked with every designer brand imaginable to street markets hawking cheap goods and knock-offs. The city draws visitors from around the globe for its incredible retail offerings. As the sun dips behind Victoria Peak’s lush tresses, you find yourself instinctively gravitating back towards the dazzling forest of skyscrapers lining Hong Kong’s iconic harbourfronts. Here, one can indulge in one of the world’s premier urban shopping experiences.

The audible buzz of human activity and ambition electrifies the atmosphere. It’s hard not to feel enchanted by this epicentre of contradictions, where ancient philosophies mingle with cutting-edge finance and serene temples stand nearby glitzy casinos.