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Hoteliers – it’s time to leverage the power of technology

The two years of lockdowns and restrictions led many hotel staff to leave the hospitality industry which now tries to find smart ways to offer a high level of services with radically less staff. Technology solutions come to support the hoteliers.

With inbound tourism virtually non-existent for much of the last few years, Thai hoteliers are eagerly awaiting an end to all travel restrictions and a return to occupancy levels in line with pre-pandemic levels. However, just as the industry starts to show encouraging signs of recovery, another threat is emerging. An unanticipated fallout of the pandemic has been the changing face of the Thai labour market. With hotels closed, many hotel staff have returned to their homeland and lower living costs. As a result, hotels are struggling to recruit staff. They face the challenge of offering exceptional guest service in an effort to win back guests with a greatly reduced workforce. It’s a challenge the industry could well do without.

Given this pressure, hotels are now faced with looking for new and innovative ways to build efficiencies into operations. This coincides with, post-pandemic, the growth of the digitised guest where the contactless guest experience through self-service technology is gaining growing acceptance.

Never has our industry been more ready to leverage the power of technology.


GuestStay – streamline guest check-in

Check-in is the guests’ first impression of your property. Yet often the process is bogged down in admin and paperwork creating delays and leading to stress and frustration.

The pandemic accelerated the demand for contactless check-in where guests could arrive at the hotel, bypass long queues at reception, and make their way stress-free to their room, thereby adhering to social distancing rules. Guestline’s GuestStay was designed to address just that. Pre-arrival guests are emailed to complete their registration online. This is automatically updated in the PMS, stored, and then deleted in a timely manner to ensure data protection compliance. On arrival at the hotel, the guest’s time spent checking in at reception is hugely reduced, effectively helping to reduce queues and wait times

For the guest, the obvious benefit is a frictionless check-in experience all from the convenience of their preferred device. Hoteliers can forward important information pre-arrival, meaning the guest arrives confident of what to expect and that everything is in order. On arrival, the guest can make their way to their room without the hassle of clumsy and admin-heavy check-in processes. In addition, GuestStay allows guests to keep track of their in-house spend throughout the stay from their device so there are no surprises at check-out.


More effective team deployment

For the hotel, the completion of the registration pre-arrival, and a contactless check-in, eliminate a highly administrative and often stressful part of front office’s workload. Unnecessary paperwork is eliminated, and the automation of check-in minimises the risk of manual error. In addition, pre-arrival registration provides information such as ETA, guest numbers and additional notes in advance of the guest’s arrival, allowing hotels to plan internal resources such as housekeeping accordingly – an enormous benefit given the labour shortages faced by the industry!

And, importantly, GuestStay is compliant with legal regulations so hotels have peace of mind that they aren’t exposing themselves to potential breaches of data protection rules and the associated hefty penalties.

Find out more about how Guestline’s GuestStay can transform your guest experience and drive operational efficiencies here.


Insights – critical business information at your fingertips

Analysis and planning can be a luxury when teams are short-staffed and under pressure. Operational crises and firefighting often take priority. Pulling and dissecting reports to understand key drivers, opportunities for growth, and spot negative trends before they become problematic can fall by the wayside, resulting in a reactive approach to managing business.
Guestline’s Insights was designed to provide hotels with the data needed to quickly and confidently make robust and informed business decisions. User-friendly dashboards present accurate and business-critical metrics so key performance drivers can be accessed and understood at a glance. Refreshed and updated automatically once a day with PMS data, concerning trends and opportunities can be identified and acted upon quickly. Filters allow hoteliers to dig deeper and uncover the all-important data driving the trends. This accessible, accurate and reliable tool is an essential aid to support the effective management of your business.

Insights not only allows hoteliers to get on top of their business, it also brings much-needed efficiency to the reporting and data analysis process. Hours are saved with no more time spent pulling manual reports and pouring over cumbersome excel sheets – Insights provides the required business data at a glance.

In today’s economy, businesses benefit from making data-driven decisions,’ says Tharin Sethi, Business Development Director, APAC, Guestline. ‘By releasing Insights to Guestline’s APAC customers – hoteliers can now make more of their data. Insights’ unique dashboards will benefit Guestline customers by giving them the quantitative data they require to make more informed decisions, maximize their revenue opportunities and drive operational efficiencies.’ 

Find out more about how Guestline’s Insights can support your business here.
And to find out how Guestline’s suite of products can support your recovery plan, come and meet us at the upcoming Food and Hospitality Thailand Exhibition, Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Bangkok on 21-24 September. More details here.



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Tharin is the Business Development Director, APAC for the global hospitality technology company, Guestline. With an extensive background in hospitality, Tharin has many years of experience in both technology and the hospitality industry.