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Achmad Royhan, VP of Information Technology at Citilink Indonesia led his team to embrace data to drive new revenue streams

The researchers show that mentoring helps less experienced employees to adapt to the organisation and cope with work-related stress. High

A new Amadeus paper examines how harnessing the power of data and analytics could create new opportunities to develop innovative

The Adelaide Festival Centre has contributed for years to the brand image of South Australia (SA) as “The Festival State”

The researchers suggest that understanding these factors, and related factors that are less affected by increases in the number of

As a way of developing a more “holistic understanding” of how smartphones have influenced tourism, the researchers conducted in-depth interviews

ATEC Managing Director, Peter Shelley said that the Free Independent Traveller (FIT) is extremely important to the export tourism industry

How hotels respond to the reviews is vital. Whether the review is positive or negative hotels need to respond appropriately

53% of female solo travellers are between 18 to 35 years old, showing a trend that millennials are amongst the

In the first week following the attacks, the economic harm was already being felt. Synhorcat, the Paris union representing hotels