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Let us explore them in a little depth.

Hosting the Cricket World Cup, India experiences unprecedented demand for Airbnb stays, particularly from UK, Australian, and New Zealand fans.

The New Zealand sports tourism market is poised for an 8% CAGR, fueled by government initiatives and technological advancements, serving

IPK's latest survey highlights a resurgence in China's travel ambitions, particularly towards Europe, signaling strong recovery prospects for 2024.

China's CAR Inc. reports a significant increase in car rental orders, benefiting from a resilient domestic tourism market. Cross-city and

Discover how the phenomenon of "viral velocity" on the internet parallels the rise of mass tourism in the travel sector.

Hong Kong's tourism rebounds with a 14% MoM increase in August, reaching 84% of pre-pandemic levels. HKTB plans flagship events

Bahrain Tourism Authority reports 51% growth in H1 2023 visitor numbers, significant Indian market surge, and ongoing infrastructure investments.

South Korea aims to attract 1.5 million Chinese tourists by year-end, leveraging lifted travel bans and offering financial incentives.

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