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Innovations include live cloud travel games and AR technology to build immersive tourist experiences.

Asia’s leading travel trade show brings together the leading exhibitors such as BWH Hotels, Hotelbeds, Japan National Tourism Organization, Jordan

For the UK and European market, TCEB has set its target for 2023 at 91,200 visitors. This is more than

With a suite of software solutions, SORASO is fostering a sustainable tourism ecosystem.

Over 50 influential media from across the region and indeed the world were also in attendance and many of these

Buyer and seller participation, business appointments conducted, and satisfaction rates all exceeded the set targets.

In addition to multicultural exhibits, different countries have also prepared their characteristic cultural performance, such as South African Music Performance,

If winning the bid, Thailand will host the expo during 20 March – 17 June 2028 on the 141-rai plot

Over the course of four days, IAAPA Expo Asia 2023 welcomed 5,330 registered attendees, including 3,764 qualified buyers. Guests represented

This highly anticipated event marks IAAPA’s first major gathering in the Asia Pacific region since 2019, showcasing the resilience and