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Ben Salt: Amplify your online marketing campaigns by developing your social media channels

Author: Theodore Koumelis / Date: Wed, 11/29/2017 - 02:08
Ben Salt
Ben Salt

Ben Salt is the Co-Founder of UpThink and is one of the speakers of a very interesting seminar organized by PATA Academy on December 6 to 8 with the title "Growth Hacking: How to scale your business exponentially".

In the video interview below, Mr Ben Salt replies to the following questions:

  • TravelDailyNews: The digital marketing environment start looking complex and overwhelming with new tools, platforms, technics, methods evolve before the industry absorb the previous ones. Which are the priorities a travel & hospitality company should set for a successfull digital marketing strategy?
  • TDN: The big OTAs, Metasearch and booking systems dominate the organic results in search engines. What alternatives travel & hospitality companies have in order to position themselves higher and attract direct business?
  • TDN: Many companies and destinations host bloggers in an -affordable- effort to put their brand name in the eyes of the consumers. What is the role of bloggers a.k.a. influencers in brand marketing? How a company or destination can evaluate and maximise the benefit of blogging?
  • TDN: What will the delegates learn from you during your presentation at the PATA Academy seminar?

Ben Salt is an adventure traveller and digital storyteller who promotes causes that matter. After completing a chemistry doctorate, Ben did the next obvious thing: he set out to explore the world. He has worked for grassroots NGOs in Latin America and Asia, advocates sustainable tourism and development, and has contributed to a variety of articles and publications, from his website Unbounded Earth to the BBC.

Ben is also a digital marketing consultant and co-founder of the media agency Upthink. His primary focus is helping ethical travel companies exponentially expand their outreach on social media. He has hosted workshops and discussions on inbound marketing, is a board member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, and heads a responsible tourism community that brings together aligned bloggers and travel organisations.


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