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Korean Air expands services to China and Japan

Korean Air A321neo

Korean Air resumes and increases flights to China and Japan, meeting rising demand with enhanced frequencies starting July 2024.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Korean Air will increase capacity by resuming and adding services to China, and increasing frequencies on select routes to Japan to meet rising demand.

China and Northeast Asia: Network restoration and increased frequencies

The airline will resume its Busan-Shanghai Pudong and Jeju-Beijing routes with daily flights starting July 1. Additionally, the Seoul Incheon-Hefei service will resume with five weekly flights from August 19, the Busan-Beijing route with six weekly flights starting September 16, and the Seoul Incheon-Kunming service with four weekly flights from October 14.

Select routes will also see an increase in flight frequencies. The Seoul Incheon-Yanji route will increase to daily flights from four weekly flights starting June 1. The Seoul Incheon-Dalian route will temporarily see an increase by four flights to 11 weekly flights from July 1 to September 15. The daily Seoul Incheon-Tianjin route will increase to two daily flights from August 5 to October 20.

Additionally, the Seoul Incheon-Ulaanbaatar route will be increased by two flights, to operate eight weekly flights from June 1 to September 30.

Japan: Jeju service resumed and expanded operations

To accommodate the growing travel demand to Japan, Korean Air will increase flight frequencies on its Japanese network. The Jeju-Tokyo Narita route will resume to operate three times a week from July 19 to October 25. The Seoul Incheon-Okayama route will increase from three to five weekly flights starting August 3, and the Seoul Incheon-Kagoshima route will also increase from three to five weekly flights starting September 2.

As a leading global airline, Korean Air is dedicated to enhancing its extensive global network to meet the diverse needs of its passengers, and to providing exceptional services to ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Reference: Resumption and frequency change details
Routes Resumed Frequency Change
Busan-Shanghai Pudong Daily
(From 7/1)
Seoul Incheon-Yanji 4/W → Daily
(From 6/1)
Jeju-Beijing Seoul Incheon-Dalian 7/W → 11/W
(7/1 – 9/15)
Seoul Incheon-Hefei 5/W
(From 8/19)
Seoul Incheon-Tianjin Daily → 2 Daily
(8/5 – 10/20)
Busan-Beijing 6/W
(From 9/16)
Seoul Incheon-Ulaanbaatar 6/W → 8/W
(6/1 – 9/30)
Seoul Incheon-Kunming 4/W
(From 10/14)
Seoul Incheon-Okayama 3/W → 5/W
(From 8/3)
Jeju-Tokyo Narita 3/W
(7/19 – 10/25)
Seoul Incheon-Kagoshima 3/W → 5/W
(From 9/2)
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