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Worldhotels has become the first group of independent hotels to enter into a Preferred Partnership with American Express Travel Services

Rendezvous Hotels International is continuing with the expansion of its operation in the Asia Pacific region and in response to

REPORT - ITB 2006, BERLIN: For the last three years, Cambodian tourism has been growing at a rapid rate. After

REPORT - ITB 2006, BERLIN: After the successful introduction two years ago of the ‘Uniquely Singapore’ branding campaign, this year

JCB, the Asia-based international payment brand, and its international subsidiary JCB International under the support of Hawai`i Tourism Japan, announced

State Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ms. Yankila Sherpa launched the Nepal tourism brand Naturally Nepal- Once is

Space Adventures, Ltd., the world`s leading space experiences company, announced that Japanese entrepreneur Daisuke Enomoto (Dice-K) has been certified as

The increasingly strong desire of the Chinese to travel abroad has led to estimates that over 40 million Chinese will

Sri Lanka is launching a fresh publicity blitz to entice more tourists to spend their vacation in the island country

More public relations (PR) exercises will be carried out by Tourism Malaysia in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to gain