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Irfan Khan

Founder eBikeGo

Irfan Khan is the Founder of eBikeGo, an electric mobility platform with electric scooter Rental, electric scooter delivery and electric scooter Taxi.

"We started with a mission to convert all commercial fuel-driven two-wheelers to electric two-wheelers by renting electric scooters to a couple of companies in Amritsar and then we expanded our operations to Delhi, Jalandhar, Jaipur and Agra. As two-wheelers are used in multiple sectors in India, the demand is so huge that we couldn’t fulfil it with the fleet we have and we want to expand our fleet and footprints to different cities. Being the first movers in electric scooter rental, we created a huge demand in different cities in India."

The effect of the EV revolution on the tourism and travel sector will be massive in the coming years. Increasing