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“Don’t reinvent the wheel”: successful entrepreneurs share business development tips

  • We love the idea of brands and products that are inventive or original, but only very rarely are successful businesses built on a completely novel idea
  • According to the founders of one successful UK brand it’s more important to innovate and do it well, than come up with a brand new concept

When you really look into it, very few successful businesspeople are truly original in what they do.

In fact, more often than not, what great businesspeople do is improve on an existing idea. They make it faster, better, stronger, cheaper, or more convenient.

Take Apple, for instance. They’re known for being highly innovative, yet most of their success has come from fine tuning and improving existing products, rather than creating completely new ones.

This is equally true of UK smoothie makers, Innocent, who discuss the different between invention and innovation in a new business TV show, available to watch right here for free.

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