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Building in a recovery – five expert strategies for 2010

  • Even though we may be out of the recession, the tough times aren’t quite over yet
  • According to a new report from HSBC more businesses will fail in the recovery

Even though most businesses have needed to cut costs and revaluate finances in 2009, it is equally important to not overlook opportunities that present themselves.
In this show, five leading UK business experts look at the top ways to build a business in the recovery period of a recession. As HSBC’s Noel Quinn says, ensuring that you’re able to thrive right now is just as important as surviving the recession itself.

Alan Stevens, director of Media Coach, talks about being responsive to customers in 2010. As he explains, being quick to respond to customers’ wants and needs is actually far more important than delivering your service or product, with 100% perfection.

To hear what the rest of the experts have to say, watch this video and learn how you will be able to grow your business in the recovery.

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