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Hotwire Secret Travel Report

Where to get a deal and beat the crowds as we head into summer has revealed its first ever Hotwire Secret Travel Report. Based on a 90-day analysis of thousands of recent searches on, Google and Twitter activity, the quarterly report helps to predict which destinations will offer the best overall travel experience and deals over the next three months (May – July). It unveils that a number of popular spring/summer spots are expected to see fewer than usual numbers of visitors making these destinations great picks for holidaymakers looking for a budget-friendly vacation without the crowds.

To discover the best holiday spots, the Hotwire Secret Report is based on a statistical model combining both in-house and third-party statistics. Hotwire evaluates the top 50 markets based on searches, taking into consideration three sets of equally weighted data in order to generate an overall ranking.

The formula includes:
– Twitter mentions of top travel destinations (33.33 percent of overall score)
– Google searches (33.33 percent of overall score)
– Searches on (33.33 percent of overall score)

“Although all the destinations on the list are great getaway spots during this season, they don’t seem to be drumming up as much demand as past years,” commented Hotwire’s travel expert Fulvia Montresor. “When interest is low prices tend to fall and crowds naturally are smaller, making all of these cities great destinations for your summer break. Many hotels will likely offer discounts up to 50% off on sites like that offer secret Hot Rate hotels to sell this excess inventory,” she added. Secret Hot Rate hotels are those that offer deep discounts but don’t reveal the name of the property until the booking is completed. This booking model allows holidaymakers to stay at 4 and 5-star hotels for 2-star prices and enables hotels to sell rooms that would otherwise remain unsold.

The reasons why the destinations appear on the Hotwire Secret Travel Report are varied. It could be weather patterns that are spurring lower interest or simply another locale nearby that is getting more attention. Whatever the reason may be, all the destinations still provide great vacation experiences and this season they will likely offer lower prices to counter the dip in demand.

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