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Virtuoso taps Grasp Technologies to tap member data

Virtuoso, the industry’s leading leisure travel network, has chosen Grasp Technologies, Inc. as a preferred partner to provide the most advanced technology for the consolidation of their members’ sales data. This partnership pairs two forward-looking companies who successfully provide innovative solutions to the travel industry.

Virtuoso has tapped into Grasp’s expertise and has re-branded Grasp Technologies’ “Secure Connect” data consolidation engine as “Secure Composer.” This fully automated technology consolidates the sales and vendor data from hundreds of Virtuoso agency members so that Virtuoso has consolidated, real-time purchasing information to leverage its buying power. Virtuoso comments that “this solution has exceeded our expectations by identifying and helping our members implement back-office accounting best practices across multiple accounting systems around the world. Our members benefit from more accurate management data, our suppliers benefit from more targeted promotions and our members’ clients benefit from more satisfying travel recommendations.

GRASP has helped us span the globe and aggregate mounds of desperate data into meaningful and valuable information.” Additionally, this technology “will significantly impact our organization and provide real-time access to member data for negotiations, training and incentive programs. It will also raise the bar for accuracy and timeliness of travel reporting data.”

When asked about the partnership, Grasp Technologies’ Founder and President, Erik Mueller, responded with, “We are pleased to partner with an organization like Virtuoso and we know that our products will bring great value to them and their member agencies. We are committed to making Virtuoso and its members as efficient and cutting-edge as possible. Grasp’s focus on data aggregation and consolidation addresses a growing need in the travel industry. Our ability to cross multiple back office and agency platforms allows for both the travel agency community and client community to leverage negotiations through data consolidation.”

Grasp Technologies, founded in 1995, is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Grasp is a leading provider of travel software, including web-enabled applications, cutting-edge data consolidation, web-based graphic reporting and data cleansing tools for back office accounting systems. Grasp currently supports over 250 agencies worldwide ranging from 2 million to 200 million in annual air sales. Grasp Technologies is also a TRAMS Platinum Partner and is considered the foremost specialist on the TRAMS back office accounting system.

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