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Valor Hospitality UK Hotel portfolio achieves public listing in Singapore

ProsperCap Corporation has acquired a portfolio of 17 UK hotels from DTP Inter Holdings, with Valor Hospitality continuing management. This strategic move aims to expand internationally, leveraging Valor’s successful history and recent accolades for future growth.

ATLANTA – A portfolio of 17 UK hotels, managed by Valor Hospitality Partners, has transitioned to ownership by ProsperCap Corporation Limited (formally known as 3Cnergy) which is a publicly held company listed on the Singapore Exchange. The hotels were previously owned by Thai-based DTP Inter Holdings Corporation, a subsidiary of DTGO Corporation Limited, which holds a controlling stake in ProsperCap.

The public ownership of the portfolio represents a key stage in DTGO’s strategic plan to accelerate the growth of the portfolio under the direction of the newly formed ProsperCap board. Valor Hospitality has played a critical role in the development and management of the portfolio to date and will continue to provide operating and strategic services to assist ProsperCap’s planned expansion internationally.

DTGO acquired the portfolio of Hilton, Marriott and IHG franchised hotels in December 2019, partnering with Valor to manage the properties following a successful six-year period when Valor had previously managed the properties under the former ownership. The Covid-19 pandemic followed soon after DTGO’s acquisition, creating widespread challenges across the industry. However, working in close collaboration, Valor and DTGO were able to successfully navigate this period, ensuring the continued employment of all personnel, and resulting in a rapid recovery once restrictions around travel and socializing were lifted.

During this period, Valor delivered strong trading performance for the portfolio while also completing several complex renovation projects across the portfolio. In 2023, Valor also commenced a major refurbishment process for the portfolio’s Hilton branded hotels, with work set to continue throughout 2024.

The portfolio’s transition to public ownership follows Valor Hospitality UK being ranked in the top six best places to work in the industry in 2023, as well as securing several other prestigious industry accolades, including IHG’s Revenue Team of the Year. Valor’s successful stewardship of the UK portfolio through the many challenges over the past four years has helped the organization forge a strong relationship with DTGO, serving as a strong foundation for further opportunities to collaborate around the world, supporting Valor and ProsperCap’s growth plans.

Brian McCarthy, president of Valor Hospitality UK & Europe said, “This is a great strategic development, and we look forward to building the portfolio with ProsperCap. The portfolio’s transition to public ownership comes off the back of a fantastic year for Valor Hospitality, where our portfolio and the investment in our team is going from strength to strength.”

Euan McGlashan, global co-founder and CEO of Valor Hospitality added, “This transaction represents the strong transition of the true partnership between Valor and DTGO to one between Valor and PropserCap; a testament to the unwavering performance of our people on the ground to deliver exceptional service for excellent customer experience whilst achieving strong commercial results.”

The timing of the listing could not be better following the addition of highly respected industry veteran, Jon Colley, who serves as chief strategic growth officer for Valor UK + Europe and will grow the region’s portfolio in the coming years.

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