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Tourism Malaysia Media Challenge 2.0 explores Sembilan and Melaka

This unique multi-party partnership between government agencies, media and the private sector is expected to bridge the gap between all parties in efforts to promote Malaysia as a tourist destination.

PUTRAJAYA – Tourism Malaysia, in collaboration with Department of Museums Malaysia, will organise the Tourism Malaysia Media Challenge 2.0 from 23 to 25 July 2018. This is the second time that both organisations are working hand in hand together to foster closer relationships between government agencies and the media through a unique and exciting challenge-type event coupled with product updates and information sharing.

This unique multi-party partnership between government agencies, media and the private sector is expected to bridge the gap between all parties in efforts to promote Malaysia as a tourist destination.

This time, the “treasure hunt” programme leads participants to explore the museums in Negeri Sembilan and Melaka while experiencing several new tourism products in the two states. Participants will be taken to four different museums and several tourist attraction venues that offer great escapade and weekend outings for visitors or families alike.

A total of 20 representatives of various media from print, radio and television as well as online bloggers and journalists have signed up for the three-day challenge. It will see them compete in physical tasks, quizzes and other mind-boggling activities, while getting updates of new tourism developments.

The programme kicks off in Putrajaya, with a first stop being made at MuziumAdat in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. This museum offers an insight into the unique Adat Pepatih practiced in the state, their special celebrations, traditions and government, among others.

Subsequently, the media teams will continue their explorations at Negeri Sembilan State Museum also known as TeratakPerpatih. Located at the Craft & Cultural Complex in Jalan Sungai Ujung, its Minangkabau architecture strikes wonder among visitors and is an impressive treasure trove of historical and cultural artefacts. Visitors can admire its reputable Philately and Stamps gallery as well as handicrafts exhibits.

Later, participants will explore Lukut Museum that traces its importance back to early 19th century as the royal throne and a mining centre. It also emphasizes the importance of Lukut Fort as the once-great defensive architecture in 1847.

That evening, participants will witness the launch of International Museum Day at the National Independence Memorial in Banda Hilir.

On the second day, participants will be ushered to Melaka Malay Sultanate Museum in the morning to continue with more challenges. Built in 1984, it is a reconstruction of the original palace of Sultan Mansur Shah (1456 – 1477) and is made in traditional Malay carpentry. Full of history and artefacts, the museum will also inspire all those interested in Malay traditional architecture.

Participants next proceed to Architecture Museum in Bandar Hilir to decipher more riddles and puzzles. This small 18th century Dutch building reveals the development of Malaysian architecture, including the typology, carvings and motifs, as well as the traditional tools and technology.

The day concludes with a sensational performance of Encore Melaka, the latest tourist attraction in Melaka which boasts of state-of-the-art technology and world-class artistic performances.

Throughout the programme, media participants will also have a chance to experience the hospitality of Treasures Hotels and Suites where they are put up for two nights.

The final day of the programme will see participants exploring Orchid Wellness & Health Resort in Alor Gajah, a unique agro-resort concept focused on health and wellbeing.It will also be the venue of the prize-giving ceremony led by Director of Corporate Communication Division, Mr. Iskandar Mirza Mohd Yusof.

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